Below is the directory of selected CEU faculty and staff. It is under construction and constantly expanded. In addition, information about CEU faculty and staff is available from websites pages of the following Departments: Economics; Gender Studies; History; Legal Studies; Mathematics and its Applications; Medieval Studies; Nationalism Studies; Philosophy; Political Science; Sociology and Social Anthropology; CEU Business School.

  • Dragos Adascalitei is a Junior Researcher at the Center for Policy Studies since January 2014. His main research interests include industrial sociology, comparative political economy, economies of Central and Eastern Europe, the impact of MNCs on labour relations in Central and Eastern Europe, social policies and institutional change.

  • Intern

    Liana Aghabekyan is a 2014 summer intern at the Center for Policy Studies. She is a recent graduate from CEU Department of Public Policy. Before joining CEU, she worked at the Ministry of Territorial Administration of the Republic of Armenia for 6 years as a leading specialist on local self-government and local development issues. Her research in the CPS concentrates on development policies of Visegrad countries with particular focus on Millennium Development Goals and post-2015 development agenda.

  • Katalin Amon received her first MA at the Corvinus University of Budapest in International Relations and her second MA at the Central European University in Gender Studies. She was a visiting student researcher at the Institute of Public Knowledge at New York University. Her research interests include the political constructions of citizenship, urban poverty, and feminism. In her dissertation she aims to explore how the political discourses about housing poverty influence policy-making against homelessness and the street-level institutional practices dealing with homelessness.

  • Intern

    Kitti Baracsi is an intern at the Center for Policy Studies. She is a PhD student at the Education and Society Doctoral School, University of Pécs. Her main research interests include education of Roma students, economic strategies of Roma migrants and housing. She has field experiences in Roma communities in Hungary and Italy.

  • Visiting Research Fellow

    Attila Bartha is currently a Visiting Research Fellow at the Center for Policy Studies. His main research interests include public policy, governance and economic policy, policy change in Central, Eastern and Southtern Europe and the role of various policy actors. He works as a researcher at the Institute for Political Science, Center for Social Sciences, Hungarian Academy of Sciences.

  • Academic Coordinator, Erasmus Mundus Masters Program in Public Policy
    Reserach Fellow

    Agnes Batory is the academic coordinator of the Erasmus Mundus Masters Program in Public Policy at the CEU’s Department of Public Policy, and she is also a research fellow at the Center for Policy Studies. Her research interests include EU policies and politics, corruption control, and party politics and European integration.

  • Intern

    Allison Beresford is a 2014 summer intern at the Center for Policy Studies. She is an MA student at the Elliott School of International Affairs at the George Washington University. Her research focuses on EU gender policy, agricultural and rural development in Central and Eastern Europe, and Hungarian social policy.

  • Andrew Cartwright works at the Center for Policy Studies.  His research concentrates on social and economic development in rural areas, especially former socialist ones.  His PhD was on implementing land reform in Romania.  At the Department of Public Policy, he teaches Rural Development Policy and runs the Policy Labs course.

  • PhD student

    Tamas Dombos is a doctoral student at the Department of Sociology and Social Anthropology. He is affiliated with the Center for Policy Studies as a Junior Research Fellow, and has worked on a number of CPS initiatives, such as the QUING (Quality in Gender+ Equality Policies) and DIOSCURI (Eastern Enlargement - Western Enlargement: Cultural Encounters in the European Economy and Society After the Accession)

  • Research Fellow
    Visiting Lecturer

    Pinar Dönmez is a research fellow at the Center for Policy Studies. She obtained her MA and PhD from the University of Warwick, Department of Politics and International Studies (PAIS) with the support of a British Council Chevening Scholarship and PAIS Departmental PhD Studentship respectively. She previously worked as a research assistant at Middle East Technical University (Jan 2005-Sep 2006), an early career fellow at the Institute of Advanced Study, University of Warwick (2011-2012) and a post-doctoral research fellow at Koc University in Turkey (2012-2014). She taught seminars at Middle East Technical University and University of Warwick and was a guest lecturer in the University of Pavia and Koc University. Her main research interests include critical political economy, critical theory, crisis and restructuring, theories of state, dynamics of depoliticisation and repoliticisation across different policy areas and societal politicisation.

  • Olena Fedyuk is currently a research fellow at the Center for Policy Studies. She holds a PhD from the department of Sociology and Social Anthropology at CEU. Her main academic interests include transnational migration, care-work, labor transformations, female employment policies and migration policies. Her dissertation was an ethnography of Ukrainian female migration to Italy and tackled questions of transnational moral economies, distant motherhood and care regimes.

  • Alex is an MA student in the Department of Gender Studies. She is currently working with Andrea Krizsan to construct and utilize a framework evaluating domestic violence policy implementation in five post-socialist countries (Bulgaria, Croatia, Hungary, Poland, Romania).

  • On leave Fall & Winter 2014/15

    PhD: New York University

    Areas of Specialization: Political Sociology; Feminist Social and Political Theory; Comparative and Historical Sociology

  • On leave in 2014-2015.
    Marie-Pierre Granger (Ph.D Exeter, UK) joined CEU in 2014. She is currently Associate Professor, affiliated with three of the CEU academic units (Public Policy, International Relations and European Studies, and Legal Studies). Prior to joining CEU, she was a Lecturer at the Law School of Exeter University (UK). Her research interests lie in the fields of European Union Law; European integration and governance; comparative public law; interactions between law, policy, and politics; access to justice; judicial process; human rights and citizenship. At CEU, she teaches courses on European integration and governance, European Union law, human rights law, comparative and international public law, and public administration. She is a member of the Equal Opportunity Committee and Summer University Board. From 2005 until 2012, she acted as course director for the yearly summer course on Advanced EU Legal Practice, taught by the Total Law Team (led by J. Weiler, NYU), and since 2006 is the CEU academic coordinator for the Allianz Summer Academy on Europe. She as acted as a consultant for governments on EU litigation strategies (TAIEX). She is involved in a number of research projects on aspects of European integration. She is currently member of the Executive Board and Work Package leader in the bEUcitizen large scale EU-funded project (FP7).

  • Assistant, Department of Public Policy
    Coordinator, Center for European Union Research
  • Head of Department

    Elissa Helms holds a PhD in Cultural Anthropology. Her research interests cover the gendering of nationalism, NGO activism and donor aid, gender and ethnic violence, and the social dynamics of gender after significant ruptures such as war or the collapse of state-socialism. She is especially interested in gendered aspects of discursive representation and the opportunities and obstacles this creates for social activism and general understanding of social and political processes. Regionally, she focuses on Central and Eastern Europe, especially the successor states of socialist Yugoslavia. She has been conducting ethnographic research in the Bosniac (Muslim) dominated areas of Bosnia-Herzegovina since 1997. Her engagement with Bosnia began several years earlier, however, with several years of work with Bosnian refugees in Croatia, the US, and Bosnia itself before returning to academia.

    Elissa has taught seminars on gender and nationalism; gender and post/socialism; gender, peace and conflict; as well as classes in qualitative research methods and academic writing. She has been active in several international research networks and programs aimed at strengthening higher education, and especially gender studies, in the region. Her book on women's activism, nationalism, and gender in post-war Bosnia-Herzegovina was published in November 2013 by the University of Wisconsin Press.

  • Mariya Ivancheva holds a BA degree in Philosophy (University of Sofia), an MA in European social theory (UCL), and an MA in Sociology and Social Anthropology from CEU, where she continued her PhD studies. Since 2008 she has done extensive field research in Venezuela, sponsored by the Marie Curie Doctoral School for Social Anthropology, and the Wenner Grenn Foundation. Her main interests are in the fields of anthropology of the state, social movements, higher education, theories of intellectuals and elites, and alternative models of development and social change.

  • Intern

    Henrik Jacobsen joins the work at the Center for Policy Studies as an intern between June 10, 2013 and August 02, 2013. He is a BA-student in International Politics & History at Jacobs University Bremen. His fields of particular interest include public policy and public administration. His research focuses on public sector bargains, civil service pay, corruption, and the phenomenon of policy drift.

  • Senior Program Manager

    Lilla Jakobs joined CEU in 1998 as the coordinator of the Department of Gender Studies, and has been affiliated with the Center for Policy Studies since 2004. She is head of the management team at the Center for Policy Studies, responsible for overseeing the general operations of the Center, implementing research initiatives, and working with Research Fellows on designing new projects and proposals.

  • PhD Student
    Junior Research Fellow

    Kim Jepsen is a Ph.D.-student at the Department of Sociology and Social Anthropology, CEU, from September 2013. He is affiliated with the Center for Policy Studies as a Marie Curie Early Stage Research Fellow in the Initial Training Network on Changing Employment. His research topic is the changing nature of management, work organization and labor relations in the context of western multinational corporations in Central and Eastern Europe.

  • Junior Research Fellow

    Jelena Jovanovic is a linguist and an expert in Women and Gender Studies. She obtained her master degrees at University of Novi Sad (Serbia), Central European University (Hungary) and University of Hull (UK). Her research interests are focused on the concepts of intersectionality (gender and ethnicity) and identity, as well as on critical analysis of academic and media discourses on Romani women. At CPS she will pursue a 6-month project that aims to evaluate the participation of Romani and women’s organizations in combating trafficking in human beings in Serbia.

  • Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian language
    PhD student
  • Intern

    Noemi Katona is an intern at the Center for Policy Studies. She holds an MA degree in History and Aesthetics from the Eötvös Lóránd University and an MA degree in Sociology and Social Anthropology from the Central European University. Since 2013, she is a PhD student at the Humboldt University of Berlin. Since 2014 she is a scholarship holder at the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation.

  • visiting research fellow

    Agnes Kende is a visiting research fellow at Center for Policy studies. She has an MA from sociology. Her main research interests are equity in education, school segregation and discrimination and Roma children/students in education. She has worked number of international comparative researches on minority, education and social policy issues.

  • Research Fellow

    Dr Kocze is currently a Research Fellow at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and also Affiliated Research Fellow at the Central European University, Center for Policy Studies. Aside from her academic carrier she also worked as a senior policy maker on Roma and equality issues in the Hungarian government. Previously, she worked as a founding director of the European Roma Information Office in Brussels, as well as the former director of the human rights education program at the European Roma Rights Centre in Budapest, Hungary.

  • Program Coordinator

    Viktória Kőszegi works as a Program Coordinator at the Center for Policy Studies since October, 2012. She is responsible for organization of events, travel and accommodation arrangements, administration and financial management of research and mobility projects, drafting narrative and financial project reports. Also she contributes to the everyday operation of the Center, provides assistance with proposal writing and negotiation of research grants and with maintaining the online platforms of CPS.

  • Andrea Krizsan is Research Fellow at the Center for Policy Studies since 2001. Her main research interests include equality policy, the politics of violence against women, policy change in Central and Eastern Europe and the role of non-conventional policy actors. She teaches Politics of Gender based Violence and Comparative Equality Policy.

  • Alexandra graduated from Central European University in 2010 and holds an MA in International Relations and European Studies. After graduation she continued working full time as an Assistant Audio-Visual Archivist at the Open Society Archives at CEU. Currently she is a Research Assistant at the Center for Policy Studies and a part-time Research Assistant in the project “Negotiating Modernity” at CEU.

  • Visiting Research Fellow

    Marton studied Public Administration and Communication at Roskilde University in Denmark. Main field of interest is aid effectiveness, donor coordination, and the role of international development organizations to promote coherent frameworks. Marton worked with the United Nations in various international settings. He is currently a Visiting Research Fellow at the Center for Policy Studies (CPS).

  • Program Assistant

    Andreea works as a Program Assistant at the Center for Policy Studies as of October, 2013. She is responsible for the basic daily administration and paperwork of the center, event organization, as well as management of some of the EU research and mobility projects of CPS.

  • Olga Löblová is a second year PhD candidate at the Doctoral School of Political Science, Public Policy and International Relations -- Public Policy track. She is interested in the politics of health-care priority-setting. Her doctoral project focuses on the (non) diffusion of health technology assessment (HTA) agencies in Central and Eastern Europe.

    Olga holds an M.A. degree in Political Science from Sciences Po Paris (2009), where she wrote her master's thesis on the discourse of Slovak pension and healthcare reforms. She also has an M.A. degree in European Interdisciplinary Studies from the College of Europe in Natolin, Warsaw (2010), where she specialized on Europe As a Regional Actor.

    During 2011-2012 Olga worked as a health policy analyst in a Brussels consultancy and in the public affairs division of a pharmaceutical company.

    She reads and writes in Czech, English, French, and German; she also speaks Polish and some Hungarian. Her geographical area of interest is Central and Eastern Europe.

  • I am affiliated with the Center for Policy Studies as a Marie Curie Junior Research Fellow in the Integration and International Migration: Pathways and Integration Policies (INTEGRIM). My research topic is on key issues related to Romanians and Turks working nightshifts in London. Since September 2013, I'm also a PhD student at Sociology and Social Anthropology Department, Central European University.

  • Vera Messing is a research fellow at the Center for Policy Studies since 2008 as well as a senior research associate of the Institute of Sociology at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences since 2004. She has over 15 years’ of experience in empirical research on ethnicity, minorities, social exclusion, media representation of vulnerable groups and ethnic conflicts. Her work focuses on comparative understanding of different forms and intersections of social inequalities and ethnicity and their consequences.

  • Stefano Piemontese is affiliated with the Center for Policy Studies as a Marie Curie Junior Research Fellow in the Integration and International Migration: Pathways and Integration Policies (INTEGRIM). His research focuses on the intersections between the housing patterns and the educational careers of Romanian Roma youngsters living in Madrid. Other topics related to his research include the conceptual and practical challenges of the policies for Roma in Europe and the issue of local and transnational political participation. Stefano is also a Ph.D. student at the Department of Social and Cultural Anthropology of the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB) in Spain.

  • Director, Center for European Union Research
    Jean Monnet Chair in European Public Policy and Governance

    Uwe Puetter is Professor at the Department of Public Policy and Director of the Center for European Union Research (CEUR). He holds a Jean Monnet Chair in European Public Policy and Governance. His research interests are in the field of European Union policy-making. Here he focuses on intergovernmental decision-making in the European Council and the Council as well as the fields of economic, social and foreign policy. Uwe Puetter teaches courses on European integration, comparative politics and socio-economic governance.

  • research consultant

    Szilvia Rezmuves is a Research Fellow at CPS from 2012 May. She studied social policy at ELTE University were she wrote her final thesis about roma children in primary schools related to socialism. She has passed a one year international Leadership and Management Training Course in England and Denmark.

  • Research Fellow

    Kiril Sharapov is a Marie Curie Intra-European Fellow at the Center, having received two years of research funding from the Marie Curie Actions of the European Commission's Seventh Framework Program. Kiril comes to CEU from Glasgow Caledonian University, where he was lecturer in Sociology. At CPS he will pursue a 24-month project that aims to research, evaluate, and disseminate a broader understanding of how Trafficking in Human Beings (THB) is understood by the general public in countries of the enlarged EU and its neighboring states.

  • Intern

    Maria is currently a second-year student of the Master of Public Policy program at the Willy Brandt School of Public Policy in Germany, following the specializations "International Political Economy" and "Public and Non-Profit Management". She joined CPS in August 2013 for the internship in the research fields of European Public Policy, States and Markets, Rural and Regional Policy.

  • Sara Svenson graduated from the CEU Doctoral School of Political Science, Public Policy and International Relations in 2013. Her dissertation project, supervised by Andrew Cartwright, investigated the formation of social capital and its impact on policy in European cross-border regions. At CEU she has taught at the Roma Access Program, and she has also taught courses and supervised BA theses at four Swedish universities: Orebro University, Karlstad University, Halmstad University, and University West. Before enrolling in the PhD program, she worked as Research Project Officer at the CEU Center for Policy Studies. She holds an MA in political science from CEU (1999) and a BA in journalism from Stockholm University (1997). She occasionally contributes to broadcast and print media in Sweden, and has worked at different locations as a news journalist for the public service broadcasting company Sveriges Radio.

  • PhD Candidate
    Junior Research Fellow

    Linda Szabó is a PhD Candidate at the Sociology and Social Anthropology Department of the Central European University (CEU), Budapest, Hungary. She has worked as a junior researcher for the Center for Policy Studies, CEU, and participated in projects on employment relations, social justice and inequality policies, with special attention to gender issues. Currently, she is engaged in a comparative research ('Cityscalers') exploring the interplay between urban renewal, incorporation of migrants and cultural diversity in cities of Berlin, Budapest, Essen, Linz, Marseilles, Pécs, and Vienna. Her PhD has a special focus on Chinese migrants in Budapest, studying their role in urban regeneration as well as the structural opportunities to gain cultural and political recognition for migrants.

  • Research Fellow

    Julia Szalai obtained her Ph.D. in Sociology in 1986 and her degree of Doctor of Science (DSc) in Sociology in 2007, both from the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. She is Senior Research Fellow at the Center for Policy Studies of the Central European University, and also Head of the Welfare Research Unit of the Institute of Sociology, Hungarian Academy of Sciences.

  • Policy Labs Program Coordinator
    Roma Placement Program Coordinator

    Anna Lujza Szasz, sociologist, is researcher at the Institue of Sociology, Hungarian Academy of Sciences and a curator at the Gallery 8 – Contemporary Roma Art Space. Her research field is the memory of the Nazi genocide of Roma. Her research also involves Roma contemporary visual art; ethical, pedagogical, political implication of various practices of ethnicity, historical remembrance; dynamics between domination and resistance; and the ethnic dimension in structural formations.

  • Program Officer

    Borbala Varga joined CPS in 2003, she works as a program officer at the center. She is responsible for managing projects, drafting and monitoring budget plans, composing narrative and financial reports, preparing contracts, maintaining websites, organizing events just as well designing online publication materials.

  • Zsuzsanna Vidra is a research fellow at the Center for Policy Studies, Central European University, Hungary. She holds a PhD in sociology from École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales, Paris, France, an MA in Sociology from Eötvös Loránd Tudományegyetem, Budapest and an MA in Nationalism Studies from the Central European University. Her main areas of research are poverty, ethnicity, migration and media and minorities. She has published several articles on Roma and non-Roma interethnic relations, educational inequalities, labor market and social policy issues and minority media representations. She has edited a volume on Roma migration to Canada and she has co-authored a book on ethnic relations, migration, labor market conditions and informal economy in marginal rural communities.

  • Eva Zemandl received her B.A. in International Studies/Economics at Seattle University (USA) and her M.A. in European Public Policy at University of Kent’s Brussels School of International Studies (Belgium). She is a doctoral candidate in the public policy track, preparing her thesis on the impact of civil service practices and recruitment profiles on governance and policy development. Her previous experience includes working in the NGO sectors in both Seattle and Brussels in areas such as international trade/business, social and employment policy, and new towns/pilot cities.

  • Director