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Cartwright Named Co-Director of Center for Policy Studies

Andrew Cartwright, research fellow at the Center for Policy Studies,  has been appointed co-director of the center.

New video: Research on Night Workers

In this featured video CPS research fellow, Iulius-Cezar Macarie, talks about his doctoral research within the INTEGRIM Marie-Curie Network that focuses on Romanian and Turkish migrant workers in London's night economy.

The Road of a Migrant

A new video interview is available with CPS Research Fellow Olena Fedyuk about her documentary, "The Road of a Migrant," which examines issues dealing with labor migration in Ukraine.

Dr Kocze receives the 2013 Ion Ratiu Democracy Award

Angela Kocze, CPS research affiliate and doctoral graduate of the CEU, will be soon awarded by a prestigious prize given by the Woodrow Wilson Center for democracy advocates for their outstanding achievements.

Opposition to Gender Equality in Domestic Violence Policy Debates

On September 6th Research Fellow Andrea Krizsan presented a paper on Contesting Gender Equality in Domestic Violence Policy Debates in Five Countries of Central and Eastern Europe at the General conference of the European Consortium for Political Research in Bordeaux.

CPS to take part in a German Marshall Fund project

CPS has been invited to contribute to the German Marshall Fund project "Enhancing the capacity of Visegrad states, Romania and Bulgaria to act as ODA donors in the Black Sea region."

CPS Research Fellow appointed as board member of PASOS

Andrew Cartwright has been appointed to board member of the Policy Association for an Open Society (PASOS).

Equality Architectures in Central and Eastern European Countries: A Framework for Analyzing Political Intersectionality in Europe

Oxford Journals has just published an article by Andrea Krizsan (Research Fellow at CPS and adjunct faculty at DPP) in Social Politics: International Studies in Gender, State & Society.

Vacancy at CEU CPS: Program Coordinator

The Center for Policy Studies at Central European University has a vacancy for a full-time Program Coordinator, starting at the beginning of September 2012.

New publication: Capitalism from Outside? Economic Cultures in Eastern Europe after 1989

CEU Press released a new publication 'Capitalism from Outside? Economic Cultures in Eastern Europe after 1989' edited by Violetta Zentai, Central European University, Budapest János Mátyás Kovács, Institute for Human Sciences, Vienna.

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