Tibor T. Meszmann

Research Fellow

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Tibor T Meszmann, PhD, is a researcher, with work experience in local and international projects in the area of industrial and employment relations for 10 years, in Hungary, but also other Central European states, especially Serbia. His broad research guided by transformation of production and its effect on organisations and society, and collective and social regulation of work. Tibor is a researcher at the Central European Labour Studies Institute (CELSI) Bratislava, Slovakia, and member of the Public Sociology Working Group “Helyzet”.

Recent Publications

Snakes or Ladders? Job Quality Assessment among Temp Workers from Ukraine in Hungarian Electronics” (2019) Central and Eastern European Migration Review 5(2): 135-153 (with Olena Fedyuk)

 “Fókuszban Kecskemét:  Munkafeltételek a dél-alföldi régióban. (2019) Vasas Szakszervezeti szövetség, Budapest (editor)

Industrial Relations and Social Dialogue in the Age of Collaborative Economy (IRSDACE), National Report: Hungary (2018), CELSI Research Report no.27; Available at: https://celsi.sk/en/publications/research-reports/download/28/industrial-relations-and-social-dialogue-in-the-age-of-collaborative-economy-irsdace-national-report-hungary/

‘Uneven Development in the European Automotive Industry: Labour Fragmentation and Value Added Production in the Hungarian Semi- Periphery’. In: Komlosy, A – Musić , G. (eds): ITH Global Commodity Chains and Labour Relations. Brill, Forthcoming. With Tamás Gerőcs and András Pinkasz


PhD in Political Science, Central European University (2012)
MA in Political Science, Central European University (2004)
MA/BA in Philosophy, University of Novi Sad (2003)


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