Interns at the Center for Policy Studies

The CPS Internship is a non-paid internship. The intern receives help in getting settled into Budapest, including assistance in finding suitable accommodation and getting around the city. The intern is allocated office space at the Center, has full access to the CEU Library, which is one of the largest English language libraries in the region and is well supplied with social science research on transition and development issues, complemented by a large electronic database of journals. The intern can also benefit from a wide array of distinguished speaker events that are regularly taking place at the Central European University.

Angelina Atanasova

June – August 2011

Eszter Rekasi
June - August 2010

Alissa Kordrupel
April - June 2010

Garrett Fortin
June - July 2010

Moa Swanmo
February - May 2010

Agwara John Onyeukwu
June - July 2009

Daniela Bolganschi
December 2008 - February 2009

Rahiela Mustafovska
June - July 2008

Sara Katz
June 2008

Milja Spoljar
May - June 2008

Adrien Jahier
January - June 2008

Ulrike Wandt
September - October 2007

Lillian Smith
June - August 2007

Karine Cantelle
April - June 2006