Iulius-Cezar MacQuarie

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MacQuarie’s PhD thesis investigates who is up at night, why and for what purpose. The central theme of solidarity against competition amongst migrant night workers provides the conceptual framework for this in-depth comparative research to investigate these two communities living and working the nightshift in London. His proposed PhD research seeks to explore if an anthropologically informed qualitative inquiry could reveal differences and similarities amongst Romanian and Turkish night workers’ access to a decent human life in global cities like London with an acute need for migrant labour to maintain its 24-hour economy.

MacQuarie is the co-director of the award winning documentary on the Invisible Lives of Romanian Night Workers in London (Production: UK, June 2013), prized with the 2013 Roundtable Projects by the Romanian Cultural Centre/Ratiu Family Foundation. His previous research in the ‘Seven Sisters Case Study’ (Funded by the Junior Research Forum Grant | European Institute | UCL) has been awarded by HE Dr Ion Jinga, the Romanian Ambassador in the UK and Northern Ireland with the ‘Ambassador’s Diploma’ for its special contribution to the promotion of the integration of the Romanian Community in the UK.


MRes East European Studies
MSc Psychodynamics of Human Development
BSc Psychology with Criminology

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