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Ph.D. in Sociology (2001)
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Vera Messing is a research fellow at the Center for Policy Studies since 2008 as well as a research associate of the Institute of Sociology at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences since 2004. She earned her PhD studies in Budapest, Corvinus University in 2000. She has over 15 years’ of experience in empirical research on ethnicity, minorities, social exclusion, media representation of vulnerable groups and ethnic conflicts. Her work focuses on comparative understanding of different forms and intersections of social inequalities and ethnicity and their consequences. She is specifically interested in policy and civil responses to ethnic diversity in the field of education and labour market.  The main focus of her most recent research has been employment and education of ‘visible’ minorities in Europe, and Roma of Central Europe in particular. At CPS, she has been involved in the coordination of the FP7 research project EDUMIGROM. She has contributed to the design, the organization of the nine country comparative research, as well as to the contributed to the drafting of comparative reports. She has been a member of the network of excellence RECWOWE (Reconciling Work and Welfare), and contributed to various other comparative research project across Europe. She recurrently consults domestic civil and governmental institutions on issues of employment and education of vulnerable groups.


Book Chapter
Messing, Vera. "Apart or together: motivations behind ethnic segregation in education across Europe." In Being ‘visibly different’. Post-colonial, migrant and Roma youth in education across Europe., edited by Claire Schiff and Júlia Szalai. Palgrave Publications, in press/forthcoming.
Messing, Vera. "Kettévágott munkapiac, szétforgácsolt társadalom. [Labour market cut in two, desintegrated society]." In Társadalmi integráció a jelenkori Magyarországon [Social integration in contemporary Hungary], edited by Imre Kovách, Csaba Dupcsik, Tamás P.Tóth and Judit Takács. Budapest: Argumentum Publ. , 2012.
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Messing, Vera. "Roma gyerekek az oktatásban Kelet- és Nyugat-Európa négy államában. Kormányzati és nem kormányzati programok, kezdeményezések, kísérletek." In Esélyt teremtő iskolák: iskolai törekvések a hátrányos helyzetűek tanulási kudarcainak leküzdésére., 32-100. Budapest: Országos Közoktatási Intézet, 2002.
Journal Article
Policy Brief
Messing, Vera, Mária Neményi, and János Zolnay. Social Inclusion Through Education in Hungary: Policy Recommendations. In EDUMIGROM Policy Recommendations. Budapest: Center for Policy Studies, CEU, 2011.
Feischmidt, Margit, Vera Messing, and Mária Neményi. Ethnic Differences in Education in Hungary: Community Study In EDUMIGROM Working Papers. Budapest: Center for Policy Studies, CEU, 2010.
Working Paper
Szalai, Julia, Vera Messing, and Maria Nemenyi. Ethnic and Social Differences in Education in a Comparative Perspective In EDUMIGROM Comparative Papers. Budapest: Central European University, Center for Policy Studies, 2010.