Policy Documentation Center

The web-based Policy Documentation Center (PDC) was successfully launched in spring 2004. This database is an online repository of public policy documents from Central and Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union is the largest of its kind, with over 4,000 papers and articles from over 150 institutes and 50 countries. With topics ranging from politics to the economy to social policy, the aim of the PDC is to promote debate and dialogue, reflect and encourage the growing policy expertise of local think tanks and policy institutes, and thus support the development of local capacities. In addition to studies from think tanks, the PDC also features reports arising out of international collaborations, consultation papers from governments, as well as policy interventions from the civil sector.

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Capacity Building

CPS is involved in various initiatives aimed at enhancing local capacity for public policy teaching and research. As an academic unit of the CEU with strong links to the Open Society Foundations programs, the Center is well placed to contribute to the development of an independent policy profession. Staff members have provided strategic advice and assistance for setting up several policy fellowship programs and have a number of ongoing projects to develop resources for teaching public policy in the former socialist countries.

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