Strategic Corruption Control and Organizational Integrity

Start and end dates: 
3 Jul 2006 - 12 Jul 2006
Violetta Zentai
Agnes Batory
Fredrik Galtung
Nick Duncan
Howard Whitton
Josip Kregar
Ornit Shani
Ase Berit Grodeland
Irakli Rekhviashvili
Warren Krafchik


Corruption is widely recognized as a major obstacle to development and legitimate democratic governance. The goal of this course was to meet the need for critical and strategic approaches that straddle the exigencies of corruption control and organizational integrity. Corruption control referred here in particular to external control variables (e.g. by the executive or on an institution and profession) and organizational integrity referred in large measure to internal processes of control and value-driven reform.

The course explored the myriad challenges of effectively implementing elements of a corruption control and organizational integrity strategy that is both effective and sustainable. This course aimed at operational line managers, internal control specialists (e.g. investigators, compliance officers, inspectors, etc.) as well as external change agents (e.g. media, NGOs, think tanks, etc.). It was also open to academics developing similar courses at their own universities.

Course Director: Fredrik Galtung, The Tiri Network, London


  • Agnes Batory, Central European University, Budapest
  • Nick Duncan, Tiri – A Pro-Integrity Policy Network, London
  • Howard Whitton,Tiri - A Pro-Integrity Policy Network, London & UN Ethics office, New York
  • Josip Kregar, School of Law, Zagreb University
  • Ornit Shani, Tel Aviv University
  • Ase Berit Grodeland, Norwegian Institute of Urban and Regional Research, Oslo
  • Irakli Rekhviashvili, OSI, Local Government and Public Service Reform Initiative, Budapest
  • Warren Krafchik, International Budget Project, Washington
  • Violetta Zentai, Central European University, Budapest