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Visiting Scholars

The CPS operates a visiting scholar scheme for academics or practitioners interested in public policy research. Fellows may be interested in working at the Center to write up existing research, to develop new projects, or generally to enjoy the academic and professional resources available at the CEU. Visiting scholars will receive practical help to settle into Budapest, they may be allocated office space, and in general, have access to all CEU facilities. In order to help ensure that they can make the most of their time at CEU, a CPS researcher will act as a main contact point and help make introductions to colleagues at CEU as well as in the nearby Open Society Foundation programs.

In exchange, fellows are encouraged to present their work to colleagues which, depending on the work and the fellow, could be a staff seminar, presentation to a research group, a public lecture, or a workshop. Fellows would be expected to provide one publication for the CPS electronic publication series, such as a policy study, working paper, research report, or edited volume (More on CPS publications). Peer review and copy editing is offered in preparing for publication.

Those interested in the Visiting Scholar scheme of the Center should send a detailed CV, a 3-5 page outline of their research work, two English-language sample publications, and the tentative length and timing of their proposed CPS stay. For more information, inquires and submission of materials please contact

At present the CPS cannot offer financial support to those taking part in the Visiting Scholars scheme. Some of the following organizations may offer funding opportunities for such professional exchange visits:

  • Fulbright Commission
  • Hans Böckler Foundation
  • International Visegrad Fund
  • Mellon Foundation
  • Open Society Foundations
  • Volkswagen Foundation



The CPS Internship is suitable for early career applicants interested in a university-based policy research. The internship does not come with CEU funding but there are a number of potential funding sources such as the ones listed above (Visiting Scholar scheme). Interns may be allocated office space, and have full access to the CEU facilities. The CEU Library is one of the largest English language libraries in the region and well supplied with social science research on transition and development issues. Interns can also benefit from the rich intellectual life at the university, with regular workshops, conferences, presentations and distinguished speaker events.

CPS will compile a tailor-made program for the intern that takes into account her/his experience, skill-set, research plans and areas of interest. Each intern is assigned a mentor who will usually be one or more of the Research Fellows of the Center. Internships are usually 2-6 months in length.

If you are interested in a CPS internship, send a detailed CV, a letter of intent indicating your research interests and how these connect to the CPS research agenda, as well as an English-language writing sample. For more information, inquires, and submission of materials please contact