The Europeanization of Gender Equality Policies. A Discursive-Sociological Approach

July 14, 2011
November 2011 Palgrave Macmillan is publishing a volume edited by Emanuela Lombardo and Maxime Forest, exploring the divergent policy outputs in the member states as regards the making of gender and other equalities, bringing together the most recent insights from Europeanization and gender scholars from a discursive-sociological perspective.

Using largely unpublished empirical data, the book addresses policy issues ranging from gender violence to reconciliation and antidiscrimination policies, through case studies and comparisons covering up to 29 European countries. The result is a book that provides us with a more realistic and complex picture of Europeanization processes. From the Center for Policy Studies, Andrea Krizsan and Raluca Popa have contributed to the publication with a chapter on 'Meanings and Uses of Europe in Making Policies against Domestic Violence in Central and Eastern Europe.'
Europeanization of Gender Equality Policies flyer (Download)