National Exceptional Teaching for Disadvantaged Schools Program (NETDS)

January 23, 2017

CPS Visiting Fellow within the SALEACOM Project and Associate Professor at the Faculty of Education, Queensland University of Technology (Brisbane, Australia) Bruce Burnett held a lecture on January 20th, 2017 at CEU about their teachers’ training program for tackling educational disadvantages.

The aim of the lecture and seminar was to provide a contextual backdrop for why National Exceptional Teaching for Disadvantaged Schools Program (NETDS) was developed, explain the key/major components of the program and why these have been successful, and finally open up some new conversations that explored links between teacher education both within the Eastern European and Australian contexts. Burnett also touched upon some of the complexities of the program that include i) negotiating support from the corporate and philanthropic sector, ii) resisting being drawn into unrelated debates such as quality teachers/quality teaching, and iii) broad international trends that are opening alternative pathways into teaching.