Hungarian Free Press reviews our recent paper on participatory governance by populist governments

June 25, 2019
CEU Center for Policy Studies researchers Sara Svensson's and Agnes Batory's recent paper “The use and abuse of participatory governance by populist governments" is reviewed by Hungarian Free Press: "The authors inject a dose of healthy skepticism into the debate about consultations to show that there are circumstances in which public consulta

Book review: The Romani Women’s Movement: Struggles and Debates in Central and Eastern Europe

June 12, 2019

The CEU CPS Routledge publication 'The Romani Women's Movement: Struggles and Debates in Central and Eastern Europe' has its first book review at the International Feminist Journal of Politics by Marta Kowalewska from the University of Edinburgh.

Julia Szalai becomes member of the of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences

May 13, 2019

We are pleased to share the news that our colleague, Julia Szalai has been elected to member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.

This is the highest rank that a scholar can achieve in the Hungarian academic world. The election is a lengthy process through several committees of the Academy. The final approval is the right and duty of the General Assembly of the Members of the Academy.

Roma Civil Monitor: reports published for France, Hungary and Romania

The latest additions to the 2nd monitoring cycle of the Roma Civil Monitor project cover progress assessment in key policy areas of the national Roma integration strategy in France, Hungary and Romania. The reports focus on the area of employment, housing and public services, health care policies, education and they all contain comprehensive local case studies.

Civil society monitoring report on implementation of the national Roma integration strategies II: Assessing progress in key policy areas of the strategy in: