In the Media reports about the Bridge to Business project results and experiences

The article 'My name is not Orsós and it's not visible that I am Roma, still I was afraid of having a panic attack when on a job interview' (Nem vagyok Orsós, és nem látszik, hogy cigány vagyok, de féltem, bepánikolok egy állásinterjún) published by summarizes the Bridge to Business project's research results and the job seeking experiences and difficulties that young Roma have to face in Hungary.

Hungarian Free Press reviews our recent paper on participatory governance by populist governments

June 25, 2019
CEU Center for Policy Studies researchers Sara Svensson's and Agnes Batory's recent paper “The use and abuse of participatory governance by populist governments" is reviewed by Hungarian Free Press: "The authors inject a dose of healthy skepticism into the debate about consultations to show that there are circumstances in which public consultations will achieve anything but greater legitimacy and

Cartwright commented on new family policy in Hungary

February 20, 2019

What are our experts' opinions on the new Hungarian policy to pay for cars, mortgages and wave income tax for big families? CEU Center for Policy Studies researcher Andrew Cartwright commented on the planned policy interventions for Euronews. 

Read the article 'Hungary offers to pay for cars, mortages and tax bills for big families' on the Euronews site.

Szegregált oktatásból nem vezet út az egyetemre (No access to university from a segregated school)

October 29, 2018

CPS research affiliate Agnes Kende wrote an article about school segregation of Roma children in Hungary for

The article describes the history of school segregation of Roma children in Hungary. The author demonstrates that any kind of school segregation violates equal opportunities, equal treatment and human rights, and results in long-term harmful effects on Roma children's lives.

Abcúg and Index interviews with CPS researchers on the situation of teacher training in Hungary and their experiences from Stanford Graduate School of Education

A journalist from Abcúg interviewed CPS Research Fellow Vera Messing and CPS Research Associate Agnes Kende who recently carried out a knowledge exchange at Stanford Graduate School of Education in the framework of the 'Overcoming Inequalities in Schools and Learning Communities (SALEACOM)' Project.