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Roma/Traveller civil society in Belgium, France and UK: Housing still an unmet need

During the third cycle of the Roma Civil Monitor project, civil society researchers have been given free rein to report on what they believe are the issues most neglected by national strategies on including members of the Roma and Traveller minorities. Researchers in Belgium, France and the UK have all chosen to focus on the issue of community consultation, especially when it comes to improve housing access for Travellers and others who are not sedentary, including intra-EU mobile Roma and immigrant Roma seeking asylum.

CEU's first Gender Equality Plan

CEU’s Senate approved the university’s first Gender Equality Plan (GEP) for 2019-2022, establishing a framework for promoting gender equality in employment, study and research relations.

A capacity-building opportunity for trade unions? Helyi szakszervezeti kapacitásépítési lehetőség

A policy paper has been published in English and in Hungarian by CPS researchers Tibor T. Meszmann, Olena Fedyuk and Violetta Zentai by the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung Budapest Office. The paper is one of the results of the two-phase reserach project on local industrial relations in the Hungarian automotive industry.

Gender Equality in Research & Innovation: the journey towards Institutional Change

Gender Equality Academy announces its first FREE, self-paced online course on “Gender Equality in Research & Innovation: the journey towards Institutional Change” 

Call for short-term field researcher in Slovakia

The CEU Center for Policy Studies is searching for a researcher interested in conducting a short-term field research in Slovakia in frame of the NGOST project.

Brief job description