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Ezgican Ozdemir is a PhD candidate at the Department of Sociology and Social Anthropology at Central European University in Budapest, Hungary. Having done research on identity politics, anthropology of the body and image, and cultural politics in the Turkish context for her MA degree at CEU, she now pursues her doctoral research on water politics, infrastructure, and anthropology of state and sovereignty in northern Cyprus. Her dissertation explores the socio-political implications of a newly built, Turkish state-sponsored water pipeline project that runs beneath the Mediterranean Sea and provides clean water resources to the internationally unrecognized polity of Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC). The dissertation looks at the ways in which this megaproject not only impacts the Turkish Cypriot and other communities in the north of Cyprus, but also how such an infrastructural upgrade on hydraulic utility systems unsettles the power imbalances between the de-facto TRNC state structures and its decades-long protectorate Turkish state on the political level. She aims to contribute to the fields of anthropologies of state and sovereignty, especially unrecognized/de-facto state formations, infrastructure studies, and water governance. Her tentative dissertation title is “Desiccated at sea: politics of water, governance, and other fluctuations in northern Cyprus”.

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