Ethnicity and Education in England and Europe: Gangstas, Geeks and Gorjas

November 19, 2012

A new book evolved from the EDUMIGROM research program, presenting comparative, cross-national analyses of ethnic inequalities and policy interventions.

Ethnicity and Education in England and Europe examines where, when and how minority ethnic groups miss out on educational opportunities. Through a combination of comparative, quantitative and qualitative methodologies and the showcasing of new research, it provides a fresh approach to examining the long-standing debates over ethnicity, and in particular ethnic differences in educational achievement. Drawing on extensive empirical research in England, as well as information gathered as part of a major international program of research under the auspices of the European Union (EDUMIGROM), this book both synthesizes the findings of the English team and puts these findings in context through comparison with the analytical material generated in a range of other European countries.

With a key focus on the educational experiences and outcomes of the Roma in Central and Eastern Europe, as compared with the experiences of minority ethnic groups in Western Europe, this volume provides a contemporary assessment of ethnic relations across a selected range of European countries.

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