Publications: Books

CPS staff and affiliates regularly publish monographs or edited volumes dealing with a variety of issues of public policy. On the one hand the center is the publisher of an online book series where peer review, editing, layout, and publishing are all done in-house, with our own resources. These books are fully open access. Aside from this CPS academic staff also publish books through renown publishers, and here they take a very active role in the preparation of volumes, in editing, and in the overall preparation of the manuscript for publication. This site showcases the books where either the CPS is the publisher itself, or where our colleagues and/or affiliates play a big role in the publication process. 

From the Shadow to the Limelight: The Value of Civil Society Policy Monitoring Knowledge in Roma Equality Struggles
Andrew Ryder, Bernard Rorke, Boyan Zahariev, Deyan Kolev, Georgeta Munteanu, Jonathan Mack, Lidia Balogh, Marek Hojsik, Nada Greku, Violetta Zentai
Georgeta Munteanu, Marek Hojsik, Violetta Zentai
Adapting to Future Challenges to Education. Hungary, Poland, Romania, Serbia and Slovakia
Agnes Kende, Agota Scharle, Balazs Munkacsy, Peter Rado
Peter Rado
Challenging the Political Across Borders: Migrants’ and Solidarity Struggles

Celine Cantat, Eda Sevinin, Ewa Maczynska, Tegiye Birey
Gendering Democratic Backsliding in Central and Eastern Europe. A comparative agenda

Andrea Krizsan, Conny Roggeband
Policy Experiments, Failures and Innovations: Beyond Accession in Central and Eastern Europe
Achim Kemmerling, Andras Tetenyi, Andrea Krizsan, Andrew Cartwright, B. Guy Peters, Agnes Batory, Daniela Craciun, Diane Stone, Dragos Adascalitei, Gergo Medve-Balint, Heather Grabbe, Kristin Makszin, Liviu Matei, Sara Svensson, Simona Torotcoi, Stefan Domonkos, Violetta Zentai
Andrew Cartwright, Agnes Batory, Diane Stone
The Gender Politics of Domestic Violence: Feminists Engaging the State in Central and Eastern Europe
Andrea Krizsan, Conny Roggeband
The Romani Women’s Movement: Struggles and Debates in Central and Eastern Europe
Aidan McGarry, Alexandra Oprea, Angela Kocze, Anna Mirga-Kruszelnicka, Carmen Gheorghe, Carol Silverman, Debra Schultz, Eniko Vincze, Gwendolyn Albert, Jamen Gabriela Hrabanova, Jelena Jovanovic, Jelena M. Savic, Letitia Mark, Lidia Balogh, Lucie Fremlova, Margareta Matache, Nicoleta Bitu, Patricia Caro Maya, Sarah Werner Boada, Teodora Krumova, Vera Kurtic, Violetta Zentai
Angela Kocze, Eniko Vincze, Jelena Jovanovic, Violetta Zentai
Child Trafficking in Hungary: Sexual Exploitation, Forced Begging and Pickpocketing / Gyermekkereskedelem Magyarországon: Szexuális kizsákmányolás, koldultatás és zsebtolvajlásra kényszerítés
Kitti Baracsi, Noemi Katona, Viktoria Sebhelyi, Zsuzsanna Vidra
Mobilizing for Policy Change: Women's Movements in Central and Eastern European Domestic Violence Policy Struggles
Andrea Krizsan, Dominika Gruziel, Mariya P. Ivancheva, Raluca Maria Popa, Sanja Kajinic
Andrea Krizsan
Different Horizons: Aid, Trade and Official Development Assistance in Hungary
Andrew Cartwright, Anna Selmeczi, Attila Bartha, Marton Leiszen
Faces and Causes of Roma Marginalization in Local Contexts: Hungary, Romania, Serbia
Eniko Vincze, Julia Szalai, Monika Varadi, Slobodan Cvejic, Tunde Virag, Violetta Zentai
Facing the Far-Right. Ethnographic portrayals of local civil resistance
Cecilia Kovai, Gergo Pulay, Zsuzsanna Vidra
Migrant, Roma and Post-Colonial Youth in Education across Europe. Being 'Visibly Different'
Claire Schiff, Julia Szalai
Developing Open, Rule-based, Predictable, Non-discriminatory Trade Relations with Priority ODA Recipients
Adrian Moraru, Alexandra Soci, Andrew Rozeik, Anelia Damianova, Darja Zlogar, David Kral, Gasper Jez, Katja Egart, Loredana Ercus, Maija Kale, Marieta Tzvetkovska, Marjan Huc, Marton Leiszen, Pawel Baginski, Vladimir Bartovic, Vladimir Benc
Roma Migration to and from Canada: The Czech, Hungarian and Slovak Case
Alena Chudzikova, Antonela Arhin, Elena Gallova Kriglerova, Jan Grill, Judit Durst, Judit Toth, Tunde Virag, Zsuzsanna Vidra
The Role of Civil Society in Development Assistance and Aid Effectiveness
Alexandra Soci, Anelia Damianova, Anna Selmeczi, Dace Akule, David Kral, Elena Iorga, Evelin Andrespok, Loredana Ercus, Maja Peternel, Marieta Tzvetkovska, Mojca Krisper Figueroa, Peter Brezani, Piotr Kazmierkiewicz, Riina Kuusik-Rajasaar, Vera Rihackova
The Role of the Private Sector in Development Assistance and Effectiveness
Aleksander Fuksiewicz, Alexander Duleba, Alexandra Soci, Alina Voicu, Andrew Rozeik, Anelia Damianova, Attila Bartha, David Kral, Inese Stepina, Katja Egart, Loredana Ercus, Marieta Tzvetkovska, Marjan Huc, Radomir Spok, Triinu Puvi
Capitalism from Outside? Economic Cultures in Eastern Europe after 1989
Janos Matyas Kovacs, Violetta Zentai
Democracy's New Champions. European Democracy Assistance after EU Enlargement
Jacek Kucharczyk, Jeff Lovitt
Finding the Money: Public Accountability and Service Efficiency through Fiscal Transparency
Gabor Peteri
Multiple Meanings of Gender Equality: A Critical Frame Analysis of Gender Policies in Europe

Mieke Verloo
EU Accession Prospect for Turkey and Ukraine. Debates in New Member States
Piotr Kazmierkiewicz
The World Bank and Governance. A Decade of Reform and Reaction
Christopher Wright, Diane Stone
Global Knowledge Networks and International Development
Diane Stone, Simon Maxwell
SAPARD Review in Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Poland and Romania
Doris Matteus, Juris Hazners, Katalin Kovacs, Marian Stoian, Miroslava Georgieva, Petra Cerna, Tomasz Grosse
Women Integration & Prison
Marta Cruells, Noelia Igareda, SURT Association
Follow the Money: A Guide to Monitoring Budgets and Oil and Gas Revenues
Jim Shultz
Included in Society
Camilla Parker, Geert Freyhoff, Magali Coué, Nancy Greig
Nationalism after Communism: Lessons Learned
Alina Mungiu-Pippidi, Ivan Krastev
Ethnic Violence and Justice: The Debate over Responsibility, Accountability, Intervention, Complicity, Tribunals and Truth Commissions

Reinventing Media: Media Policy Reform in East Central Europe
Miklos Sukosd, Peter Bajomi-Lazar
Reshaping Globalization: Multilateral Dialogues and New Policy Initiatives
Andrea Krizsan, Violetta Zentai
Society and Genetic Information: Codes and Laws in the Genetic Era
Judit Sandor
Ethnic Monitoring and Data Protection: The European Context
Andrea Krizsan