Working papers and reports


Siim, Birte, Andrea Krizsan, Dominika Gruziel, and Anita Nissen (2016/9)
Report of Case Studies on Gender Equality as a Focus Point of National and Nativist Discourses

Sitter, Nick, Agnes Batory, Joanna Kostka, Andrea Krizsan and Violetta Zentai (2016/8)
Mapping Backsliding in the European Union

Arendas, Zsuzsanna (2016/7)
Industrial Relations in Car-manufacturing Industry: a Comparative Case Study of Audi Hungaria, Gyor and Mercedes Benz, Kecskemet

Martiskova, Monika and Monika Uhlerova (2016/6)
Union Organizing in the Automotive Industry in Slovakia in Times of Crisis: Do They Help Workers or Protect Themselves?

Adascalitei, Dragos and Stefan Guga (2016/5)
Tensions in the Periphery: Dependence and the Trajectory of a Low-Cost Productive Model in the Central and Eastern European Automotive Industry

Kajta, Justyna and Adam Mrozowicki (2016/4)
Trade Union Strategies in a Time of Economic Crisis: the Case of a Car Assembly Plant in Poland

Kemmerling, Achim (2016/3)
Feet of Clay? The Political Economy of Adopting and Abolishing Private Pensions

Arendas, Zsuzsanna (2016/2)
'Every word has its special weight'. A qualitative case study of multilingual realities at Siemens, Hungary

Arendas, Zsuzsanna (2016/1)
'In a corporate environment, we need to be inclusive'. Toward understanding multinational companies' practices of multilingualism and cultural diversity


Jovanovic, Jelena, Angela Kocze and Lidia Balogh (2015/10)
Intersections of Gender, Ethnicity, and Class: History and Future of the Romani Women’s Movement

Donmez, Pinar and Eva Zemandl (2015/9)
State, Crisis and Politicization of Economic Policymaking: Reflections from Hungary and Turkey

Jovanovic, Jelena (2015/8)
Challenges to Preliminary Identification of Romani 'Victims of Trafficking': The Serbian Case

Adascalitei, Dragos and Stefan Domonkos (2015/7)
What Really is a Pension Crisis? A Theoretical Argument on the Link Between Ageing, Productivity, and Retirement

Sharapov, Kiril (2015/6)
Understanding Public Knowledge and Attitudes towards Trafficking in Human Beings - Part 2

Kemmerling, Achim and Albana Rexha (2015/5)
Evaluating the Evaluators: When and How does the World Bank Evaluate Its Projects in the Western Balkans

Jovanovic, Jelena (2015/4)
'Vulnerability of Roma' in Policy Discourse on Combatting Trafficking in Human Beings in Serbia: Perspectives of the National Policy Actors

Messing, Vera, Zsuzsanna Arendas and Violetta Zentai (2015/3)
Integration of Vulnerable Migrants: Women, Children and Victims of Trafficking (Hungary)

Piemontese, Stefano (2015/2)
Leaving 'Roma' Behind. Notes on the Impact of Housing and (Forced) Mobility on Education

Adascalitei, Dragos and Stefan Guga (2015/1)
Decentralization, Union Power and Contention Episodes: the Case of Dacia Workers


Sharapov, Kiril (2014/8)
Understanding Public Knowledge and Attitudes towards Trafficking in Human Beings - Part 1

Kline, Lara and Simone Kranendonk (2014/7)
Europe In Crisis: Addressing Changing Patterns Through Innovation

Messing, Vera and Zsuzsanna Arendas (2014/6)
Review of Existing Monitoring Mechanisms for the Integration of Migrants in Hungary

Szalai, Julia and Agnes Kende (2014/5)
Early School Leaving in the Context of Policy-making in Hungary

Bartha, Attila, Olena Fedyuk and Violetta Zentai (2014/4)
Gender Equality and Care Choices in the Light of Population Ageing

Fedyuk, Olena, Attila Bartha and Violetta Zentai (2014/3)
The Role of Migrant Labour in Meeting European Care Demand

Fedyuk, Olena, Attila Bartha and Violetta Zentai (2014/2)
Migrant Domestic Care Workers: State and Market-based Policy Mix

Macarie, Iulius-Cezar (2014/1)
Half-in, Half-out: Roma and Non-Roma Romanians with Limited Rights Working and Travelling in the European Union


Messing, Vera, Balint-Abel Beremenyi, Judit Konstekova, Lucia Kurekova Mytna, Alexey Pamporov and Florina Pop (2013/5)
From Benefits to Brooms. Case Study Reports on the Implementation of Active Labour Market Policies for Roma at Local Level

Messing, Vera (2013/4)
Active Labor Market Policies with an Impact Potential on Roma Employment in Five Countries of the EU

Lewandowski, Piotr, Iga Magda, Jan Baran, Olena Fedyuk and Attila Bartha (2013/3)
Gender Dimension of the Labor Markets over the Past Two Decades

Brozovicova, Klara, Brian Fabo, Martin Kahanec and Vera Messing (2013/2)
Overview of the Labor Market Situation of Low-Educated and Roma Population and Regulations Affecting their Employment

Bernath, Gabor and Vera Messing (2013/1)
Pushed to the Edge. Research Report on the Representation of Roma Communities in the Hungarian Majority Media, 2011


Dombos, Tamas, Andrea Krizsan, Mieke Verloo and Violetta Zentai
Critical Frame Analysis: A Comparative Methodology for the 'Quality in Gender+ Equality Policies' (QUING) project

Vidra, Zsuzsanna and Jon Fox
The Radicalization of Media Discourse. The Rise of the Extreme Right in Hungary and the Roma Question


Bolganschi, Daniela
Rural Out Migration and Land Use in Moldova

Chonkova, Blagovesta, Andras Horvath and Gorana Misic
Dynamics of European Migration. A Comparative Assessment of Croatia, Bulgaria and Hungary

Horvath, Aniko, Zsuzsanna Vidra and Jon Fox
Tolerance and Cultural Diversity Discourses in Hungary

Kalman, Judit
Derangement or Development? Political Economy of EU Structural Funds Allocation in New Member States - Insights from the Hungarian Case

Martin, Roderick
Multinational Corporations and National Business Systems: Integration or Separation

Vidra, Zsuzsanna and Jon Fox
The Embodiment of (in)Tolerance in Discourses and Practices Addressing Cultural Diversity in Schools in Hungary. The Case of Roma


Cartwright, Andrew
Bread baskets, fuel supplies and bio tech crops: Will the Central and Eastern European countries take part in the second Green Revolution?

Cartwright, Andrew, Gergo Medve-Balint and Sara Svensson
Inheritance Matters. Changing Land Use Trends Amongst the Elderly in Rural Hungary

Horn, Daniel
The Political Background of Structural Changes in the Educational System of Hungary, 1985-1994

Kordrupel, Alissa L.
Italian Immigration Policy: Access to Health Care and the Foreign Workforce

Medve-Balint, Gergo
Return To Europe. Reflections after 20 Years of Democratic Renewal

Szabo, Linda and Violetta Zentai
Franchizing Frenchness: What Social Models Do French-dominated Multinational Companies Bring to Hungary?

Szalai, Julia, Maria Nemenyi, Vera Messing and Roza Vajda
Being 'Visibly Different': Experiences of Second-generation Migrant and Roma Youths at School. EDUMIGROM Comparative Paper

Szalai, Julia, Vera Messing and Maria Nemenyi
Ethnic and Social Differences in Education in a Comparative Perspective. EDUMIGROM Comparative Paper

Vaughan, Kelsey
Immigration and Health Care: A Case Study of the Spanish Experience


Kocze, Angela with contributions from Raluca Maria Popa
Missing Intersectionality. Race/Ethnicity, Gender, and Class in CurrentResearch and Policies on Romani Women in Europe

Law, Ian, Michal Nekorjak, Ondrej Daniel and Roza Vajda
Comparative Report on Ethnic Relations. EDUMIGROM Comparative Paper

Moldenhawer, Bolette, Frauke Miera, Jenny Kallstenius, Vera Messing and Claire Schiff
Comparative Report on Education. EDUMIGROM Comparative Paper

Szalai, Julia, Marcus Carson, Zuzana Kusa, Eniko Magyari-Vincze and Violetta Zentai
Comparative Report on Educational Policies for Inclusion. EDUMIGROM Comparative Paper


Batory, Agnes and Andrew Cartwright
Monitoring EU Spending in Hungary

Cartwright, Andrew, Endre Sik and Sara Svensson
Fostering Civic Participation in The Policy Process in Hungary: A Short Review of Policy and Practice

Cartwright, Andrew, Endre Sik and Sara Svensson
Monitoring Social Capital in Hungary: A Short Review of Recent Research

Cartwright, Andrew, Endre Sik and Sara Svensson
Promoting Social Capital Through Public Policy in Hungary; the 2004 National Development Plan

Cartwright, Andrew, Endre Sik and Sara Svensson
Social Capital, Diversity and Trust in Hungary: Two Case Studies

Cartwright, Andrew, Endre Sik and Sara Svensson
Social Capital and the Integration of Minorities and Immigrants in Hungary

Cartwright, Andrew, Endre Sik and Sara Svensson
The Impact of Civic Engagement on The Quality of Life in Hungary

Cartwright, Andrew, Johanna Giczi and Endre Sik
Social Capital and the Delivery of Social Services in Hungary: Review of Recent Research and Practice

Cartwright, Andrew and Katalin Kovacs
Controlled Decentralization. Local, Regional, and Central Power in the Making of Hungarian Regional Development Policy


Cartwright, Andrew
Social Network Analysis of Regional Policy Making  in the Northern Great Plain Region of Hungary

Dabrowska, Magdalena
Quality in Gender+ Equality Policies - State of the Art and Mapping of Competences Report: Poland

Kovacs, Janos Matyas and Violetta Zentai
Eastern Enlargement - Western Enlargement: Cultural Encounters in the European Economy and Society After the Accession (DIOSCURI): Final Project Report

Kovacs, Katalin, Endre Sik and Andrew Cartwright
Social Network Analysis of Regional Policy Making in South Transdanubia, Hungary

Pilinkaite-Sotirovic, Vilana
Quality in Gender+ Equality Policies - State of the Art and Mapping of Competences Report: Lithuania

Popa, Raluca Maria
Quality in Gender+ Equality Policies - State of the Art and Mapping of Competences Report: Romania

Putnina, Aivita
Quality in Gender+ Equality Policies - State of the Art and Mapping of Competences Report: Latvia

Stoykova, Elena
Quality in Gender+ Equality Policies - State of the Art and Mapping of Competences Report: Bulgaria

Szabo, Melinda
Quality in Gender+ Equality Policies - State of the Art and Mapping of Competences Report: Hungary


Batory, Agnes
The European Future of Turkey and Ukraine: The Policy Debate in Hungary

Cartwright, Andrew, Katalin Kovacs, Endre Sik, Marton Kemeny and Johanna Giczi
Social Capital, Regional Development, and Europeanization in Hungary. A Literature Review

Kazmierkiewicz, Piotr, Dora Husz, Juraj Misina and Ivo Slosarcik
The Visegrad States on the EU’s Eastern Frontier. Consular and Visa Co-operation in East Central Europe for Residents of Ukraine and Moldova

Szabo, Melinda
The Roma in Hungary: Socio-economic Status, Human Rights Protection and Migratory Dynamics. An Annotated Bibliography of Recent Research


Bobrow, Davis B.
Anti-Americanism and International Security: Indications in International Public Opinion

Dieter, Heribert
Anti-Americanism and Regionalism in East Asia

Ionescu, Adrian, Gulnar Mukhambetova, Valeriu Prohnitchi and Diane Stone
Transferring Expertise and Methodologies: A Case Study of the Development of 'Quarterly Economic Indicators' and Forecasting Skills in Moldova and Kazakhstan

Miller, Toby
Anti-Americanism and Popular Culture

Nossal, Kim Richard
Anti-Americanism in Canada

Quiliconi, Cintia
US-Latin American Trade Relations: Path to the Future or Dead End Street?

Toth, Herta
Roma Women’s Unemployment in Hungary: Research-Based Assessment and Recommendations

Toth, Herta
Women, Integration and Prison - Comparative Report, Short Version

Toth, Herta
Women, Integration and Prison - Comparative Report, Full Version

Toth, Herta
Women, Integration and Prison - Final Report, Short Version

Toth, Herta
Women, Integration and Prison - Final Report, Full Version

Toth, Herta
Women, Integration and Prison - Kutatási eredmények, összefoglaló magyar nyelven


Al-Azmeh, Aziz
The Arabs and the US after the Invasion of Iraq: Politics and Prejudice

Bong, Youngshik
Two Years After: Rethinking Young Anti-Americanism in South Korea

Cox, Michael
The Trans-Atlantic Relationship in the Post-Cold War International Relations

Krastev, Ivan
Anti-American Century?

Malbasic, Ivona and Rossen Tsanov
Past and present: Is there anything new with anti-Americanism today?

Mihaylova, Dimitrina
Social Capital in Central and Eastern Europe. A Critical Assessment and Literature Review

Mihaylova, Dimitrina
Social Capital Research in Central and Eastern Europe and the Former Soviet Union. An Annotated Bibliography

Noor, Farish A.
How 'Big Brother' USA became the 'Great Satan': Changing Perceptions of the United States of America Among the Muslim Communities of Southeast Asia

Parmar, Inderjeet
Selling Americanism, Combatting Anti-Americanism: The Historical Role of American Foundations

Tisne, Martin and Daniel Smilov
From the Ground Up. Assessing the Record of Anticorruption Assistance in Southeastern Europe

Todorov, Vadislav
Terror and Governance


Cartwright, Andrew
Social Capital in the Balkans: The Missing Link?

Krastev, Ivan (Ed.)
In Search of Responsive Government. State Building and Economic Growth in the Balkans

Nyiri, Pal
Xenophobia in Hungary: a regional comparison. Systemic sources and possible solutions


Gosselin, Tania
Nation-building Versus State-building in the Balkans. Lessons Learned

Hommel, Sarah
Ethnic Violence and Justice

Stullerova, Kamila
Understanding Xenophobia in Eastern Europe


Higgott, Richard and Paola Robotti
Reshaping Globalization: Multilateral Dialogues and New Policiy Initiatives