Call for Application

PhD Position in Transcultural Studies, Universitat St. Gallen

June 30, 2020

Transcultural Studies is a research Focus at the HSG School for Humanities and Social Sciences (SHSS) and explores contemporary cultural and social transformations, configurations and negotiations in an ethnographic, comparative and genealogical perspective. The particular focus lies on migration/mobility and cultural aspects of inequality and redistribution.

PhD Position in the SNSF-funded Project
Europe's Un/Deserving: Moralizations of Inequality in Comparative Perspective
Subproject Hungary, start 1 January 2021

Call for short-term field researcher in Slovakia

The CEU Center for Policy Studies is searching for a researcher interested in conducting a short-term field research in Slovakia in frame of the NGOST project.

Brief job description

Postgraduate summer course: Romani Identities and Antigypsyism

December 3, 2019

The summer course “Romani Identities and Antigypsyism” organized by the CEU Summer University will be held in Budapest, Hungary between July 6-10, 2020.

Spring School ‘Vulnerable groups on the labour market’

January 29, 2019

The Spring School is organized by the AISSR, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands between 1-5 April 2019.

General information

The Spring School will combine lessons on substantive topics in the mornings with methodological workshops in quantitative methods in the afternoons. Participants will be encouraged to present their own research to receive feedback from senior researchers. The Spring School targets early career scholars (PhD students/postdocs/early-stage researchers) with basic (multivariate regression) or advanced quantitative training.

Conceptualizing, Navigating, and Representing the Field in Migration Studies

December 18, 2018

We are happy to announce that the application rounds are open for the CEU Summer University course on migration studies. The course will be held in Budapest (Hungary) between July 1 - July 5, 2019.