Project Events & News

Refugee Protection and Civil Society in Europe

A book has been published by Palgrave Macmillan on Refugee Protection and Civil Society in Europe, edited by Margit Feischmidt, Ludger Pries and Celine Cantat, a former early-stage researcher of the INTEGRIM Marie-Curie Network)

When the public sector chooses a private partner: All about price?

The newest policy brief of the TROPICO ("Transforming into Open, Innovative, and Collaborative Governments") project, authored by Steven Van de Walle and Amandine Lerusse, has been published.

Dominant Counter-Narratives to Islamophobia – Hungary

A new working paper has been published by Zsuzsanna Vidra, research fellow at CPS, in the frame of the Counter-Islamophobia Kit (Countering Islamophobia through the Development of Best Practice in the use of Counter-Narratives in EU Member States) project.