MA  Teaching

Channeling research result of CPS projects and initiatives into teaching is one of the main contributions of CPS to teaching. Currently, the School of Public Policy  is the main host for elective courses offered by CPS staff.  Research fellows contribute to the Equality and Social Justice and the Development specializations of the public policy one-year MA program.


PhD Supervision

CPS contributes to the recruiting, selecting and advising of doctoral students in the Doctoral School of Political Science, International Relations and Public Policy and in the Social Anthropology Program. CPS also manages two European Marie Curie training network projects (ChangingEmployment, INTEGRIM).


Policy Labs

Policy Labs are a part of the compulsory practice requirement in the MA program in Public Policy. Run over two terms and supported by CEU faculty, students work in small teams of three-four to produce and present a piece of original research for an external client engaged in public policy advocacy, implementation and development. Clients are drawn from the public, private and civic sectors but share a common interest in using social science research to inform and support their work.