What really is a pension crisis? A theoretical argument on the link between ageing, productivity, and retirement

A new working paper co-authored by CPS junior researcher Dragos Adascalitei and Stefan Domonkos, researcher at the Mannheim Centre for European Social Research, revisits the arguments put forward by policy-makers about the ongoing crisis of public pension systems.

Stopping rape: Towards a comprehensive policy

CPS Research Fellow Andrea Krizsan is among the experts who contributed to the book published by Policy Press on rape prevention.

Research paper on Understanding Public Knowledge and Attitudes towards Trafficking in Human Beings - Part 2

The CEU Center for Policy Studies has a new research paper out by Kiril Sharapov on Understanding Public Knowledge and Attitudes towards Trafficking in Human Beings - Part 2.

'Vulnerability of Roma' and Anti-Human Trafficking Policies in Serbia: Recommendations to the National Policy Network

A policy brief has been published by CPS Junior Researcher Jelena Jovanovich as an outcome of research on the anti-trafficking policy discourse on the 'vulnerability of Roma' in Serbia.

Evaluating the Evaluators: When and How Does the World Bank Evaluate Its Projects in the Western Balkans

A new paper has been published in the frame of the CPS Working Paper Series.

Green, Pink & Silver? The Future of Labour in Europe, Vol. 2

CPS research affiliates publish in the new volume of The Future of Labour in Europe by the Center for European Policy Studies.

New publication: Child Trafficking in Hungary. Sexual Exploitation, Forced Begging and Pickpocketing

A new bilingual book has been published by CEU CPS on child trafficking in Hungary summarizing the research findings of the CONFRONT project.

Poverty in Hungary

CPS Researcher Vera Messing was invited to the TV program 'Magyarul Baloval' to talk about poverty in Hungary.

Social boundaries of work. The varieties of informal work in contemporary societies

The 2nd Social boundaries of work conference will take place at the University of Zielona Gora between 12-13 November 2015.

New reports in English and Hungarian: Assessing Integration Measures for Vulnerable Migrant Groups

National reports about the situation in Hungary have been published in the framework of the ASSESS research project, available in both English and Hungarian.