Countering Islamophobia in Europe

A Palgrave edited volume has been published based on the research conducted in the 'Countering Islamophobia through the Development of Best Practice in the use of Counter-Narratives in EU Member States' project. Editors are Ian Law, Amina Easat-Daas, Arzu Merali and Salman Sayyid, all of them were part of the University of Leeds Team of the project.  The Hungarian chapter is written by CPS researcher Zsuzsanna Vidra.

About the book

Bulgarian civil society groups: Improvements in Roma education, deterioration in access to housing and rise of antigypsyism

October 11, 2019

The recently-released second Roma Civil Monitor (RCM) report on the implementation of Bulgaria’s National Roma Integration Strategy (NRIS) relates that the first RCM report in 2017 was given significant diplomatic and political attention.

New project: NGOization of school-to-work transition among Roma youth (NGOST)

October 10, 2019

A new 24-month long comparative research project led by Abel Beremenyi, Marie S. Curie Individual Fellow at CPS, started in September 2019.

The project aims at critically examining policies and programmes that support school-to-work transition (STWT) reaching out to Roma youth. It focuses particularly on the ‘NGOization’ of STWT programmes, that is the delegation of state functions to private entities, as a technique of neoliberal governance of minorities. Research will be conducted in three EU countries: Hungary, Slovakia and Spain. reports about the Bridge to Business project results and experiences

The article 'My name is not Orsós and it's not visible that I am Roma, still I was afraid of having a panic attack when on a job interview' (Nem vagyok Orsós, és nem látszik, hogy cigány vagyok, de féltem, bepánikolok egy állásinterjún) published by summarizes the Bridge to Business project's research results and the job seeking experiences and difficulties that young Roma have to face in Hungary.

Full reports available on the impact of the Bridge to Business programme

The two final reports of the Bridge to business project (Bridging Young Roma and Business: Intervention for inclusion of Roma youth through employment in the private sector in Bulgaria and Hungary) have been published recently by CPS researchers Vera Messing and Zsuzsanna Arendas.