Call for Papers: Graduate Student Award Competition

October 16, 2020

The Center for Policy Studies/Democracy Institute (CPS/DI) invites graduates and current students to reflect, analyze and share innovative ideas on topics related to civil society's role, voice and participation in shaping Roma equality policies, with special attention to civil society monitoring mechanisms.

Közoktatási papírvalóság

An article was published by Peter Rado - in Jelen which is the latest Hungarian independent weekly paper - about the new public education strategy in Hungary. The article is in Hungarian and available in full length without subscription here.

The Frontier within: The European Border Regime in the Balkans

September 24, 2020

On the fifth anniversary of an unprecedented break through the restrictive and repressive European border control regime, movements: Journal for Critical Migration and Border Regime Studies prepared a special issue dedicated to the historical rupture of the months of 2015 and 2016 and the ongoing developments of bordering policies and the struggles of migration.

A romaellenesség a legfőbb oka a roma gyerekek iskolai lemaradásának Magyarországon

A short summary published by Agnes Kende on a joint research at the CEU/Center for Policy Studies with Peter Rado on the degree of inclusivity of the education system of five different countries: Hungary, Poland, Romania, Serbia and Slovakia and how these countries can manage the differences among children, with an emphasis on the issue of providing inclusive education for Roma children.

A free lunch from the EU? Public perceptions of corruption in cohesion policy expenditure in post-communist EU member states

August 12, 2020

CPS researcher Agnes Batory published an article at Taylor & Francis Online focusing on popular narratives of corruption and abuse in the allocation of the European Structural and Investment Funds.