Employment protection and collective bargaining during the great recession: a comprehensive review of international evidence

CPS Research Associate Dragos Adascalitei is among the authors of a paper published in the journal 'Revista de Economia Laboral' on recently implemented labor market reforms in 111 countries.

CPS Research Fellow publishes on health policy in border regions

An article by Sara Svensson, Research Fellow at the Center for Policy Studies, has been published in the journal Territory, Politics, Governance, a peer-reviewed journal of the Regional Studies Association.

Human Trafficking and Online Networks: Policy, Analysis, and Ignorance

An article co-autherd by CPS Research Affiliate Kiril Sharapov has been published in Antipode: A Radical Journal of Geography.

Postgraduate Summer Institute on Program Evaluation

The Summer Institute offers two parallel sub-courses on policy evaluation for graduate and advanced undergraduate students as well as practitioners such as government officials and professionals in non-governmental organizations.

International Migration, Integration and Social Justice in Europe: Sharing Perspectives Between Academia and Civil Society

The organizers of the INTEGRIM-Scribani Conference - to be held on July 6-8, 2016 at the University of Deusto, Bilbao - published a call for posters and short documentaries exploring various aspects of migration, integration and social justice.

Inside the Struggle: The U.S. Civil Rights Movement and the European Roma Rights Crisis

CPS researchers, Angela Kocze, Vera Messing and Violetta Zentai were among the experts invited to the 2-day long conference at CEU organzied on December 7-8, 2015.

Prosecuting THB for the purpose of labour exploitation

A new report on trafficking in human beings has just been published by the Eurojust THB Project Team.

Frequently parents make their children stand on the side of the road - Kids of street corners/ Nemritkán a szülők állítják gyermeküket az út mellé - Utcasarkok palántái

The Hungarian Szabad Föld online newspaper published an article about child prostitution in Hungary and it referred to the findings of the CONFRONT Project as well.

State, crisis and politicization of economic policymaking: Reflections from Hungary and Turkey

New working paper has been published by CPS Research Fellow Pinar Donmez and CEU PhD Candidate Eva Zemandl about the increasing role and impact of government-led repoliticization in Hungary and Turkey.

Roma Rights 2 2015: Nothing About Us Without Us? Roma Participation in Policy Making and Knowledge Production

The new journal issue focuses on the development of Roma civil society and Roma participation in policy-making and knowledge-production processes.