World Employment and Social Outlook: The Changing Nature of Jobs

CPS Junior Research Fellow Dragos Adascalitei contributed to the empirical analysis in Chapter 4 in the International Labour Organization's flagship report for 2015.

Final Report: Assessing the Integration of Vulnerable Migrant Groups in Ten EU Member States

Final report has been published in the frame of the second phase of the ASSESS research project.

Post-crisis transformations in governing Hungary and Turkey: challenging particularist perspectives

CPS Research Fellow Pinar Donmez is presenting her working paper co-authored with Eva Zemnadl at the conference 'Hungarian Particularism in the European Union: Politico-Legal Perspectives'. 

'Vulnerability of Roma' in Policy Discourse on Combatting Trafficking in Human Beings in Serbia: Perspectives of the National Policy Actors

CPS Junior Research Fellow Jelena Jovanovic has just published a working paper on her latest research results.

ASSESS: Compendium of Promising Practices

A Compendium of Promising Practices – identifying and showcasing a series of promising practices in the field of different migration patterns, regimes and experiences across the participating countries – was produced in the framework of the ASSESS project.

European Union Measures for the Integration of Vulnerable Migrant Groups: An Overview

A report providing an overview of the most important developments at European Union level regarding the integration of women, children and trafficked persons has been finalized in the framework of the ASSESS project.

Roma Placement Program: promoting the public service engagement of young Roma leaders

The National Endowment for Democracy (USA) has granted 45,000 USD support for CEU's Center for Policy Studies to implement a program for promoting the engagement of young Romani leaders in public service.

Re-engagement or Rebellion?

A pre-UK elections symposium "Re-engagement or rebellion?" will be hosted by the Centre for the Study of Political Ideologies at The University of Nottingham on 29th April.

A Decade of Roma Inclusion 2005‐2015: Critical perspectives on education research, initiatives and interventions

The journal European Education: Issues and Studies calls for papers to be published in the special issue on the Decade of Roma Inclusion.

New project: Industrial Relations in Multilingual Environments at Work (IR-MultiLing)

IR-MultiLing will research areas of understanding/misunderstanding and intended/unintended outcomes arising from language policy choices and whether the costs and benefits of linguistic diversity map differently for employers and managers than for employees.