Developing Open, Rule-based, Predictable, Non-discriminatory Trade Relations with Priority ODA Recipients

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Center for Economic Development
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The purpose of this survey was to draw public attention on development policy and trade importance in policy implementation by reviewing what had been done thus far, what measures had been undertaken and how they had impacted, and what obstacles had been encountered, so that project participants could join forces in taking coordinated actions to overcome such obstacles and strengthen economic and trade potential of recipient countries. As it is well known, third country trade is subject to EU Common Trade Policy and trade negotiations are entrusted to EC as the competent authority rather than to individual member states. Therefore, the project aimed to join participants’ forces in finding a niche for common actions where new EU member states could interact with those recipient countries that had enjoyed long-standing trade relationships. Such an approach would allow formulating recommendations for a coordinated assistance delivery based on the identified obstacles standing in the way of development expansion.