ACCEPT PLURALISM: Hungarian Country Synthesis Report

May 22, 2013

The ACCEPT PLURALISM project published 15 Country Synthesis Reports presenting the final empirical and theoretical findings of the project on each country, including Hungary with the title of 'New knowledge about Hungary' (Zsuzsanna Vidra, Jon Fox, Anikó Horváth).

This briefing note highlights NEW KNOWLEDGE and key messages for policy makers and civil society about Hungary based on the following reports:

In education, two issues were examined that are of major importance from the point of view of ‘tolerance’ and ‘diversity’ in present day Hungary. The first dealt with the complex and multifaceted issue of the segregation of Roma children in the education system. The second focused on the curriculum: how diversity questions related to the Roma minority were manifested in the content of the curriculum. In politics, the radicalisation of media discourse was examined and how it related to the rise of the far right by examining the media coverage of two murders, one in which the Roma were the perpetrators and in the other in which they were the victims. We also reviewed public debate on the question of Roma integration and the end of political correctness as it appeared in the mainstream media.

New knowledge about Hungary (Download)