Beyond Borders: Migration and (In)Equality in Central Europe in Comparison

November 13, 2013

On January 23 - 24, Multicultural Center in collaboration with Faculty of Humanities at Charles University will host an international conference in Prague exploring the pressing issues of contemporary immigration in the Central European region.

These issues include migrant rights to work, reunification of migrant families, education and training, politics of belonging, migrant health care, the conflict between security and human rights considerations.


The conference will contribute to the broad range of issues that emerged throughout the project relating to immigration within the larger region of Central Europe. These issues include migrants' entry into and rights within the job market, reunification of migrant families, education and training of international students, migrants' human rights in the face of state security control, migrant sentiment of belonging to the host society as equals and first class citizens (apolitical citizenship), and migrant health status. All of these pressing topics of contemporary migration have to be contextualized within the framework of ever-changing European Union legislation, the policies of individual states, and the liberal paradox of economic freedom and political control.

Disciplines, institutions, and individuals to whom the invitation extends include, but are not limited to, scholars, analysts, practitioners, state officials, migrants, and activists in the fields of sociology, social work, anthropology, political studies, medicine, governmental institutions, integration centers, and other non-governmental organizations.

Individual Panels:

  • Migration, Citizenship and the Politics of Belonging
  • Human Rights in the Context of State Security and Migration Control
  • Migrant Workers Inside and Outside of the Labor Code: A Case of the Electronics Industry
  • Migration and Health in the European Union

Submission: Send your proposal (no more than 300 words), with a short bio (no more than two pages), to

Deadline: 1 December 2013

Call for papers (Download)

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