VIII International Conference on Migration

October 8, 2014

The VIII International Conference on Migration organized by the Migration Institute of the University of Granada will be held in Granada between 16-18 September 2015.

Since 1997 Spain has held a Congress that gathers researchers from very different academic disciplines involved in the study of international migration. Seven occasions were already held: Madrid 1997, Madrid 2000, Granada 2002, Girona 2004, Valencia 2007, A Coruña 2009 and Bilbao 2012.

More information is available at the conference website:


Panel 1: The rule of law and the role of law. The practical and conceptual challenges of the policies for Roma raised by the phenomenon of Roma westward migration: between political local context and legal European dimension.

CPS Research Fellow Zsuzsanna Vidra is the main lecturer of this panel which aims at promoting a reflection and debate around the political and legal context of Romani migration within the EU (both in terms of inclusive and restrictive policies) and its impact on local policies. Roma international mobility has strongly contributed to the Europeanization of the 'Roma issue'. It was largely the political response of local and national governments to the arrival of 'foreign (albeit European) Roma' in their territories, that convinced EU institutions to adopt a common framework for 'Roma inclusion'.

The panel is supported by the 'INTEGRIM European Research and Training Network. Integration and international migration: pathways and integration policies'.


Panel 2: Roma westward migration 'from the inside'. Addressing the ethno-anthropological research gap through the theories of migration.

The main lecturer of this panel is Prof. Leonardo Piasere from the Università di Verona (Italy). This panel aims to bring together sights of the Roma migrant communities 'from the inside', gathering papers stemming from anthropological studies centred in the internal dynamics of these groups. The main objective of this session is to bring together papers and promote a debate on the results of anthropological research on Roma migration from Romania and Bulgaria to other European countries, also by comparing it with non-Roma migration.

The panel is supported by the 'MigRom Project. The immigration of Romanian Roma to Western Europe: Causes, effects, and future engagement strategies'.


The organizers invite anyone interested in participating to submit a paper for a session. Deadline for submitting abstracts is November 30, 2014, submission period for full papers is between January 10-May 30, 2015. Abstracts should be sent in English or Spanish to the Coordinating team.

Stefano Piemontese, CPS Junior Research Fellow, is part of the Coordinating team of the panels, he can be reached at

Call for papers - Panel 1 and 2 (Download)