Summer School courses open at CEU

January 19, 2017

Central European University offers a variety of policy-relevant courses in its summer university series between June 24-July 28, 2017.

Central European University's Summer University (SUN), held between June 24 and July 28, 2017, is an international program in English for graduate students, junior or post-doctoral researchers, faculty and professionals in the social sciences and humanities. It draws its student body of around 550-600 participants annually from more than 90 countries and its faculty from over 50 countries. The program offers high-level, research-oriented, interdisciplinary academic courses as well as workshops on policy issues for professional development, taught by internationally renowned scholars and policy experts (including CEU faculty). Applications from all over the world are encouraged. Financial aid is available for most courses.

The full course list is available at, and the program poster and individual course announcements can be downloaded from

We encourage participation in the following policy-relevant courses:

- Romani Identities: Performance, Antigypsyism and Representation

- Media Capture: The Relationship Between Power, Media Freedom and Advocacy

- Summer Institute on Social Exclusion and Discrimination of Children and Youth

The general application deadline is February 14, 2017 (unless specified otherwise on the course website).