Video: HRom – roma fiatalok és vállalatok sikeres találkozása / HRom – where Roma youth and the business sector meet and engage

June 23, 2017

HRom is an employment training program that assists young educated Roma and multinational corporations to engage and cooperate. It promotes employment on the primary labor market, focusing on the private sector, and through advancing responsible employment practices. The main objective of the project is to facilitate the access of secondary and university level educated Roma to quality white-collar jobs at private companies. The CEU Center for Policy Studies is responsible for the impact assessment of the project. Monitoring and evaluation will focus both on the personal development of the project participants as well as potential changes that the project facilitates concerning the corporate ethos and diversity policies of partner companies which take part in the program and employ young Roma.

A HRom képzett roma fiatalokat és nagyvállalatokat segít abban, hogy egymásra találjanak. Ha 35 évnél fiatalabb roma fiatal vagy, van legalább érettségid, és szeretnél képzettségednek megfelelő pozícióban, piacvezető cégeknél dolgozni, keress minket: