Call for Papers: Reducing Early School Leaving in the EU, January 2018 - deadline extended!

August 24, 2017

The final conference of the project 'Reducing Early School Leaving in the EU: A Comparative Qualitative and Quantitative Research' will be held in Antwerp between January 22-24, 2018.

In Europe, many countries have high rates of early school leavers (ESL). These high rates may be a symptom of the traditional education systems inability to adapt to these new realities. In the processes leading to a students’ decision to leave school or training early, many relevant indicators of structural/systemic, institutional and individual failure to adapt to and overcome these social transformations will therefore become visible. Due to the multi-level nature of this project and the complex nature of early school leaving, in this conference, we want to invite speakers that have studied the mechanisms and processes that influence a student’s decision to leave school or training early; as well as into the decision of school leavers to enrol in alternative learning arena’s unrelated to regular secondary schools. Additionally, scholars that have focused upon factors of resiliency are welcome as well, in order to get a better understanding of all types of factors that keep students in education or training, although they showed high (theoretical) risk of ESL. Finally, we invite all scholars working on early school leaving to present their findings on research on early school leavers and to reflect about how findings of academic research can contribute to the reduction of early school leaving in European educational systems.

We invite all scholars from various disciplines, using all types of methods as well as policy makers to join this conference and discuss all issues related to early school leaving together at this conference. For those who would like to present a paper, you can submit an abstract of 300 words and five key words on the following themes here before the 31th of August 2017 ! Deadline extended till the 30th of September 2017!:

  • Early school leaving from an institutional (comparative) perspective
  • Preventive and intervention measures to reduce (risk of) early school leaving
  • Perceptions, views and ideas of young adults’ past educational experiences and future expectations
  • Transitions and trajectories
  • Early school leaving from a policy perspective
  • Early school leaving and school cultures

In this conference, organized the by the European comparative project, ‘Reducing Early School Leaving in Europe’, funded by the European FP7-programme, we aim to critically reflect about the findings retrieved from the project in light of the current state of the art of research on early school leaving in (European) countries with scholars and policy makers working on this topic. The project collected data in seven countries (Belgium, the Netherlands, Portugal, United Kingdom, Spain, Poland and Sweden) and reflected, together with expert teams in Austria and Hungary, about all aspects related to the reduction of early school leaving in European educational systems.