Call for Papers: Resilience and Resistance in Illiberal Regimes

August 7, 2020

Intersections. East European Journal of Society and Politics (IEEJSP) invites original research papers for its thematic issue on Resilience and Resistance in Illiberal Regimes: Practices Supporting Vulnerable Groups (edited by Zsuzsanna Vidra, CEU Center for Policy Studies and ELTE PPK IIPE and Michael C. Zeller, CEU Center for Policy Studies and Department of Political Science).

This thematic issue invites research papers that focus on the context created by illiberal governments or regimes where polarisation, exploitation of social cleavages, or exclusionary ideologies have had substantial influence on policy-making. The papers should address the attributes of resilience and actions of resistance to the impacts of polarising and extremist discourses and policies on vulnerable groups (marginalised ethnic minorities, LGBTQ people, vulnerable women, the homeless, the poor, migrants, etc.). Articles should also explore what factors can be detected behind effective and non-effective resilience mechanisms and strategies. We encourage papers drawing on theorisation of illiberalism, nationalist populism, polarisation, extremism, social inclusion as well as resistance and resilience, and presenting empirical analysis using case studies or comparative studies of different policy fields or vulnerable groups. Studies can also use discourse analysis, ethnographic fieldwork or other qualitative or mixed methods exploring policy making and policy implementation.

Scholars are invited to submit an abstract of 300-400 words describing the main question(s) and finding(s) of the paper, together with the applied methodology (if relevant), and a short bio by 22 September, 2020 to the Guest Editors ( and The authors will receive feedback from the editorial team by 6 October, 2020. The deadline for submitting the final papers is 15 February, 2021. The issue is scheduled for publication in Fall 2021.

Detailed Call for Papers