EDUMIGROM Project's Closing Conference: Ethnic Differences in Education across Europe

Open to the Public
Nador u. 9, Faculty Tower
Friday, February 11, 2011 - 12:00pm
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Friday, February 11, 2011 - 12:00pm to Saturday, February 12, 2011 - 6:00pm

The EDUMIGROM research team is pleased to invite you to attend the Project’s closing conference ‘Ethnic Differences in Education across Europe’ which will be held on February 11-12, 2011 in Budapest.

Relying on the results of comparative surveys and qualitative fieldwork in multiethnic communities in the nine participating countries (Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, Sweden, and the United Kingdom), presentations at the conference will discuss how children from ethnic minority and Roma backgrounds perform and advance in comparison to their majority peers. Frequent marginalisation and early exclusion of students from “visibly” differing minority backgrounds will be analysed in the context of the different school systems and against the diverse traditions of interethnic cohabitation. Causes and practices of ethnicised selection and segregation among and within schools as well as attempts at inclusive and multicultural education will be revisited in their affects on students’ school performance, their opportunities for advancement, their identity development, and the shaping of their interethnic relations within and outside the school. Based on such multisided comparisons, the Conference will discuss how frequent experiences of discrimination and “othering” influence the self-perception and self-esteem of young people and how such experiences contribute to the widespread feeling of devaluation and misrecognition. Further presentations will introduce young people’s ideas about their longer-term future: in this context, attempts at becoming integrated as well as practices pointing toward an ethnic enclosure will be demonstrated. Drawing on the findings, in its final section the Conference will address the steps that could be taken in order to make a difference in education. Possible educational strategies pointing toward enhancing social inclusion through education in the different Member States and at the European level will be discussed.

The conference requires no registration fee, and all interested parties are welcome. If you are interested in attending, please register by sending an email to Please send your name and affiliation when registering.


Ethnic Differences in Education across Europe (Download)


Maurice Crul  Institute for Migration and Ethnic Studies, University of Amsterdam; Coordinator of “TIES – The Integration of the European Second Generation” project

Lilla Farkas  President of the Advisory Board, Equal Treatment Authority of Hungary

Margit Feischmidt  Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest, Hungary

Friedrich Heckmann    University of Bamberg, Germany; Director of the European Forum for Migration Studies

Barbara Herzog-Punzenberger   Federal Institute for Research in Education and Development of the Austrian School-system; Leader of the research program "multilinguality-interculturality-mobility“, Salzburg, Austria; Leader of the Austrian national partner in “TIES – The Integration of the European Second Generation” project

Barbara Hobson  Stockholm University, Sweden; FP6 Network of Excellence “RECWOWE – Reconciling Work and Welfare in Europe”

Jana Huttova   Integration and Diversity in Education in Europe project, Education Support Program, Open Society Foundation - London

Jenny Kallstenius  Stockholm University, Sweden

Zuza Kusa  Slovak Academy of Sciences, Bratislava, Slovakia

Ian Law University of Leeds, United Kingdom

Yvonne Leeman  University of Humanistics, Utrecht, the Netherlands EDUMIGROM Advisory Board

Sabine Mannitz  Peace Research Institute Frankfurt, Germany

Radim Marada  Masaryk University, Brno, Czech Republic

Bolette Moldenhawer University of Copenhagen, Denmark

Vera Messing  Central European University and Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest, Hungary

Ivo Mozny  Masaryk University, Brno, Czech Republic  EDUMIGROM Advisory Board

Mária Neményi  Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest, Hungary

Claire Schiff  Victor Segalen University of Bordeaux 2, France

Kristina Sonmark  Stockholm University, Sweden

Sarah Swann  University of Leeds, United Kingdom

Júlia Szalai  Central European University and Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest, Hungary

Anna Triandafyllidou  Hellenic Foundation for European and Foreign Policy, Athens, Greece/European University Institute, Florence, Italy; Coordinator of the FP 7 project “ACCEPT PLURALISM - Tolerance, Pluralism and Social Cohesion: responding to the challenges of the 21st century in Europe”; Coordinator of the FP 6 project “EMILIE - A European approach to multicultural citizenship: legal, political and educational challenges”

Enikő Vincze  Babes-Bolyai University, Cluj, Romania

Viola Zentai  Central European University, Budapest, Hungary