Abel Beremenyi

Research Fellow

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Budapest, Nador u. 11
+36 1 327-3000 x2191

Abel Beremenyi is currently an affiliated researcher, previously a Marie S. Curie  (MSCA-IF) research fellow, at CEU's Democracy Institute. He was working on “NGOST: NGOization of school-to-work transition among Roma youth” (845196), a 24-month comparative research project in three EU countries: Hungary, Slovakia and Spain, which aimed to critically examine policies and programmes for school-to-work transition (STWT) targeting and/or reaching out to Roma youth, as a form of neoliberal governance of minorities.

Holding a PhD in Social Anthropology, Abel served as a senior researcher at the Research Centre for Migration Studies (CER-M) of the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB, Spain), participating in several competitive and commissioned research projects. Recently, he has also participated in the ongoing project entitled “Social Mobility and Ethnicity: Trajectories, outcomes and hidden costs of high educational achievement” at the Hungarian Academy of Science, Centre for Social Sciences.

His main research interests focus on minorities (Roma/Gypsy), children/youth and social inequalities mainly in the domains of education and labour market, and recently: health. He taught anthropology at BA and MA programmes, supervised Master's theses and doctoral dissertations at UAB and UNIR (Spain) and has been visiting teacher in several European universities.


Recent Articles

Bereményi, B.Á. (2021) ‘The more successful, the more apolitical’. Romani mentors’ mixed experiences with an intra-ethnic mentoring project. British Journal of Sociology of Education. doi: 10.1080/01425692.2021.1941765

Bereményi, B.Á.; Montero, E. (2019). "Crisis hipotecaria, capital social y empoderamiento: una exploración a partir del caso de la PAH." [Foreclosure crisis, social capital and empowerment. An exploration of the case of ‘la PAH’.] ARBOR. Ciencia, pensamiento, cultura. Vol.195 No.793 Guest editors: Bereményi, B.Á. & Sabaté, I

Bereményi, B.Á.; Sabaté I. (2019). "La crisis hipotecaria en el Estado español: impactos y respuestas sociales." [Foreclosure crisis in Spain: impacts and social responses. An introduction].  ARBOR. Ciencia, pensamiento, cultura Vol.195 No.793 Guest editors: Bereményi, B.Á. & Sabaté, I.

Piemontese, S.; Bereményi, B.Á; Carrasco, S. (2018) "Diverging mobilities, converging immobility? Romanian ‘Roma’ youths at the crossroad between spatial, social and educational im/mobility". Intersections. East European Journal of Society and Politics. 4:3 29-56

Paniagua, A. Bereményi, B.Á.(2018) "Legitimising inequality? The governance of ‘Others’ through participatory initiatives in schools". Compare. A Journal of Comparative and International Education. 49(1) p115-131

Bereményi, B.Á., Carrasco, S.(2017) "Caught in the triangle of mobility: social, residential and pupil mobility”. British Journal of Sociology of Education 39:1, 32-46.

Messing, V., and Bereményi, B.Á. (2017) "Is Ethnicity a Meaningful Category of Employment Policies for Roma? A Comparative Case Study of Hungary and Spain.Ethnic & Racial Studies Vol. 40(10) 1623-1642.

Bereményi, B.Á., Carrasco, S. (2015) Interrupted Aspirations: Research and Policy on Gitano Education in a Time of Recession in Spain. Intercultural Education Volume 26.2 153-164

Bereményi, B.Á., Carrasco, S.(2014) Gitans espagnols et immigrés Roms en Espagne: discours émancipatoire et nouvelles catégories de stratificationMigrations Société  N´º151 (mars-avril 2014).  p.131-145

Carrasco, S; Bereményi, B.Á. (2013) Gitans et école en Espagne. Entre progrès et régressions. Revue Diversité Nº174, p186-194

Bereményi, B.Á., Castellsagué, A. (2013) Nomadisme dels pobles gitanos? Formació en situ amb estudiant del segon cicle a Romania. PERIFERIA. Revista d'Investigació i Formació en Antropologia Vol.18, Num2- UAB; p.104-115

Bereményi, B.Á.; Mirga, A. (2013) ¿Reconocer, participar, empoderar? Dilemas y lecciones del Plan Integral del Pueblo Gitano en Cataluña. O Tchatchipen Nº 83. Julio-Septiembre. p4-13

Carrasco, S.; Pàmies, J., Bereményi, B.Á., Casalta, V. (2012) Más allá de la "matrícula viva". La movilidad del alumnado y la gestión local de la escolarización en Cataluña, in PAPERS. Revista de Sociologia, 97 (1), p311-341.

Bereményi, B.Á (2012) Intercultural policies and teachers’ contradictory views. The Roma case in Catalonian schools. Intercultural Education Journal   Vol. 22:5 355-369

Book Chapters

Durst, J., & Bereményi, B. Á. (2021). ‘I felt I arrived home’: The minority trajectory of mobility for first-in-family Hungarian Roma graduates. In S. Mendes, Maria Manuela, Magano, Olga, Toma (Ed.), Social and Economic Vulnerability of Roma People. Key Factors for the Success and Continuity of Schooling Levels (pp. 37–54). Heidelberg, New York: Springer

Bereményi, B.Á (2018) "Costes de la movilidad entre gitanas y gitanos con trayectorias académicas de éxito" [Costs of mobility among Gitanos with successful academic trajectories] In: R. Andrés y J. Masó (Eds.) Re/visiones gitanas. Políticas, (auto)representaciones y activismos en diálogo con el género y la sexualidad [Roma re/visions. Policies, (self)representations and activisms in dialogue with gender and sexuality]. Barcelona: Bellaterra

Carrasco, S.; Ruíz, I.; Bereményi, B.Á. (2018) No bridges to re-engagement? Exploring compensatory measures for early school leavers in Catalonia (Spain) from a qualitative approach. IN: Van Praag, L.; Nouwen, W.; Van Caudenberg, R.; Clycq, N.; Timmerman, C (eds) Comparative perspectives on Early School Leaving in the European Union. Taking a multi-methods approach  towards a multi-level social phenomenon. Oxon: Routledge

Bereményi, B.Á; Carrasco, S. (2017) "Bittersweet success. The impact of academic achievement among the Spanish Roma after a decade of Roma inclusion." In: W.T. Pink & G.W. Noblit (Eds.) (2016) Second International Handbook of Urban Education. pp 1169-1198 New York: Springer


PhD in Social and Cultural Anthropology, UAB (Spain), 2007
MA in Basic and Applied Research in Anthropology, UAB (Spain), 2004
BA in Social and Cultural Anthropology, UAB (Spain), 2010
BA in Business Studies, International Business School (Hungary) - Oxford Brookes University (UK), 1999

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