Review of Existing Monitoring Mechanisms for the Integration of Migrants in Hungary

Publication Type: 
Working Paper
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ASSESS Working Papers
This report is developed in the context of the project Assessing Integration Measures for Vulnerable Migrant Groups (ASSESS) which aims to monitor and assesses the effectiveness of integration measures for vulnerable migrant groups in ten EU Member States. The three main target groups of the project include migrant women, children and victims of trafficking. The project pursues four main goals: to develop standardized methods for the monitoring of integration of vulnerable migrants, applicable across the EU; to assess the effectiveness of integration policy/ measures for vulnerable migrant groups (women, children and victims of trafficking); to formulate recommendations for enhancement of the integration of vulnerable migrant groups (women, children and VOTs) across the EU, including identification of good practices; and to raise awareness among national stakeholders across the EU of the need to develop vulnerability-sensitive integration processes that address the particular circumstances of vulnerable migrants related to exclusion, exploitation and trafficking. The present report is the outcome of a study conducted in the first phase of the ASSESS project which is focused on identifying of the existing monitoring and data collection mechanisms in the area of migrant integration in ten EU Member States. The findings of the ten national reports will serve the development of comparative report on the same topic and will aid the development of tailored methodology and specific indicators for monitoring the integration of vulnerable migrant groups in the EU.