Final Report: Assessing the Integration of Vulnerable Migrant Groups in Ten EU Member States

May 15, 2015

Final report has been published in the frame of the second phase of the ASSESS research project.

This publication presents the results of the second stage of the project titled "Assessing Integration Measures for Vulnerable Migrant Groups (ASSESS)", which aims to monitor and assesses the effectiveness of integration measures for vulnerable migrant groups in ten EU Member States. It includes the methodology which guided the ten national studies of the integration of vulnerable migrants and a comparative report discussing and analyzing the results presented in ten national reports for Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Malta, Poland, Slovakia and Spain. The country reports provided comparable empirical data, which informed an identification of typologies and comparisons of the integration of vulnerable migrants and a cross-national analysis of strengths and weaknesses of policy formulation and implementation in this field. The analysis of the first and the second stages of this comparative study was used in the drafting of recommendations for the improvement of integration policy for vulnerable migrants as well as of monitoring mechanisms at the national and EU levels.

ASSESS Final Report (Download)