CPS Research Associate Stefano Piemontese has co-authored an article on Roma migration in the EU

April 22, 2016

The article titled “ ‘Roma’ migration in the EU: the case of Spain between ‘new’ and ‘old’ minorities” has been published by the journal “Migration Letters”, an international peer reviewed letter-type journal of migration studies.


The 2004 and 2007 EU Eastern enlargements facilitated the mobility of citizens from CEE countries, including European citizens of Roma ethnicity, which in turn contributed to the Europeanization of the ‘Roma issue’. This article examines the politics of Roma ethnicity by giving a concise, yet comprehensive, overview of how recent Roma migrations from EU Member States (particularly from Romania) to Spain can be understood and analyzed in relation to both pre-existing policies for the Spanish Gitano communities and to wider European dynamics and structures. 

Roma migration; diversity management; Gitanos; integration; ethnopolicies; Spain

The article is available online: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/299766845_'Roma'_migration_in_the_EU_the_case_of_Spain_between_'new'_and_'old'_minorities