Blog: The 2008 economic crisis and entrepreneurship in Europe

July 11, 2017

CEU CPS Research Fellow Dragos Adascalitei posted a new entry on the COHESIFY blog related to his recently published co-authored research paper titled "The impact of the economic crisis on latent and early entrepreneurship in Europe".

Financed through the European Social Fund and implemented at the national level within national Cohesion Policy Operational Programmes, entrepreneurship initiatives seek to invest in boosting skills, raising the profile of an entrepreneurial career among traditionally disadvantaged labour market groups such as women or young people, and directly support small and medium sized enterprises through microfinance projects. These initiatives became particularly important as the 2008 economic crisis took its toll on many European economies, leading to low growth and high levels of unemployment. But how did European entrepreneurs react to the crisis and what mattered in the choice of an entrepreneurial career?

The post is available on the COHESIFY website.

The paper is avalible online here.