CPS Researchers Participated in RILE Speaker Series at Stanford Graduate School of Education

October 27, 2017

CPS Research Fellow Vera Messing and CPS Research Associate Agnes Kende were invited as guest speakers in the “Race, Inequality, and Language in Education (RILE)” Speaker Series on October 19, 2017 organized by the Stanford Graduate School of Education.

The topic of the discussion was structural exclusion of Europe's racialized minority, the Roma, and community engagement programs fighting exclusion at the periphery of the Hungarian school system. Vera Messing introduced the structural roots of ethnic inequalities in Hungarian education focusing on forms of ethno-social segregation and its consquences for Roma children. Agnes Kende illustrated the dysfunctions of the schooling system by presenting typical trajectories of Roma children through education and illustrated two good practices that aim to compansate for these dysfunctions: the Miskolc teachers training program for diversity in education and the extracurricular 'Study Hall' program. Staff and PhD students of Stanford University, Graduate School of Education participated in the seminar.