With Eyes Wide Shut. Qualified Roma in the Hungarian job market

March 13, 2018

A paper discussing the position of the Roma on the Hungarian job-market, pursuing a subtle understanding of the tangible and hidden obstacles that highly educated young Roma encounter when seeking employment in the for-profit sector, and of the dilemmas that multinational companies face in relating to these prospective employees.

An article by Zsuzsa Arendas, Vera Messing and Violetta Zentai, published in the journal 'Intersections, East European Journal of Society and Politics', available at http://intersections.tk.mta.hu/…/intersect…/article/view/407.

The topic is related to the 'Bridge to Business' project currently running at the CEU Center for Policy Studies which aimes at mobilizing multinational companies, business trainers, NGOs promoting social inclusion, and academics.