Hungarian elections under the microscope

April 6, 2018

CEU Center for Policy Studies Research Fellow Sara Svensson commented on the upcoming Hungarian elections in a Swedish Radio weekly podcast on European issues.

The entire 40-minute radio pod was dedicated to Hungary, with focus on the elections and the relation between Hungary and the European Union. In the podcast Sara gave an overview of the strategies of the right and left opposition, and discussed the possible purposes of the Hungarian government’s focus on migration in the elections. She was also asked about the role of history in Hungarian politics. In addition to elections, the radio pod focused on the role of culture in Hungarian political life.

One of the other participants in the radio pod was Gunnar Bolin, a well-known Swedish cultural journalist, who has visited and reported from Hungary and the region on many occasions. In the context of discussing Lex CEU, he gave his impressions of Central European University as an unusual university in the region in having an approach to the history discipline that is outward-looking and modern.

Sara Svensson has worked for Swedish Radio in the past, and occasionally comments on public affairs. Link: