Call for volunteers: Ambedkar English Tutoring

May 4, 2018

The Central European University Human Rights Initiative (CEU HRSI) is looking for dedicated volunteers to participate in an English Tutoring program for students of the Ambedkar Secondary School at CEU. The dates of the last three sessions in AY 2017/18 are: April 20, May 11, and June 15.

About the project: The English Tutoring Program aims to enhance the English language skills of secondary school students coming from the Ambedkar School, as well as prepare and help enable them to apply for further studies, and introduce them to a vibrant, multicultural community. On each occasion, between 10-15 students participate in the program, carried out at CEU. The students come to CEU one time per month until the end of the academic year, on a Friday, and spend the day learning English.

Find out more about the program here.

What do volunteers do? Volunteers teach English to the secondary school students in the framework of eight separate tutoring sessions: 4-4 sessions for a less advanced, and a more advanced group.

  • Less Advanced: Students in this group know basic words, can introduce themselves, and say a few sentences in English.
  • More Advanced: Students in this group are able to have simple, slow-paced conversations, and create basic sentences on their own.

Tutoring sessions focus primarily on conversations, interactions, and playful exercises, with a little bit of grammar teaching, built on the syllabus and materials used in the school. Volunteers will be given guidance in designing their class, but the specific exercises, games, and activities you wish to use are up to you.

How can you get involved? If you would like to volunteer at the upcoming, or any of the later sessions, please first fill out this form. Once you filled out the form, please sign up for a specific session by clicking here. We will get in touch with you about the details of your session shortly.