Refugee Protection and Civil Society in Europe

March 26, 2019

We held a booklaunch for the new Pagrave Macmillan book edited by our researcher Celine Cantat, MTATK researcher Margit Feischmidt and RUB professor Ludger Pries.

The vibrant conversation between the editors and the invited guests Viola Zentai and Andras Kovats was moderated by Maria Monika Varadi.

The volume 'Refugee Protection and Civil Society in Europe' analyses civil society as an important factor in the European refugee regime. Based on empirical research, the chapters explore different aspects, structures and forms of civil society engagement during and after 2015. Various institutional, collective and individual activities are examined in order to better understand the related processes of refugees' movements, reception and integration. Several chapters also explore the historical development of the relationship between a range of actors involved in solidarity movements and care relationships with refugees across different member states. More information