Quality in Gender+ Equality Policies: State of the Art and Mapping of Competences Report: Hungary

TitleQuality in Gender+ Equality Policies: State of the Art and Mapping of Competences Report: Hungary
Publication TypeReport
AuthorsSzabo, Melinda
Place of PublicationBudapest

This State of the Art Report on Hungary spans the period from World Conference on Women in
Beijing in 1995 until the present. The aim of the report is to explore the most relevant literature
on gender equality policies in Hungary in general, and on the three gender equality-related policy
issues chosen by QUING in particular. As well, the report introduces a wide range of scholars
who have written on related topics during the time period. Given the limitations in scope, time,
and capacity, this report is not meant to provide an exhaustive list of all relevant sources or
authors working on them. The primary criteria for selection were: comprehensiveness, and the
relevance of arguments. In case of multiple writings by the same author on one issue, the most
recent, comprehensive, and innovative articles were chosen by the author of this report.
Therefore, this bibliography is, to a certain extent, selective and subjective. As such, it does not
give an unequivocal representation of most important contributions to the field in Hungary.
Though this collection focuses mainly on academic publications produced by Hungarian or non-
Hungarian scholars either in Hungarian or in English, it also contains some reports or critical
evaluations written by representatives of Hungarian NGOs. These materials were chosen
because: they were considered to be of particular importance due to their analytical nature,
because they highlight certain issues related to gender equality policy otherwise absent from
academic papers, or because of their distinctively critical analytical approach to a topic.
Comparative studies were found mainly in English.

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This State of the Art report has the goal of assuring that the QUING researchers start their research using the knowledge that is already available on gender equality policies in a country. In this sense, the State of the Art is a classic literature review, relevant to the different building blocks of the QUING project (LARG, WHY and STRIQ). Added to this, some information is included that facilitates the preparation of the activities in FRAGEN. This report is structured the following way: In the first part a short assessment is made of the annotated bibliography that can be found in the second part of this report. In the second part of the report one will find the actual annotated bibliography. This part maps the most important relevant academic studies and other policy-related literature (reports by IO, INGOs, experts etc.) about each country. The annotated bibliography has been divided into four separate sections. One section covers studies relating to gender equality policies, the following one is on non-employment related articles, the next one is on intimate citizenship related articles and the final one is on gendered violence related articles. In all sections, the accent is on studies that focus on the gender equality aspects of policies relating to these issues. The four sections themselves have been divided into country language studies and English language studies. Comparative studies can be found under a separate heading within these language groups. Next to the bibliography, this part also contains a section relating to the OPERA part of the QUING project in which the most relevant gender training literature that has been produced in the country (e.g. gender equality manuals, gender mainstreaming manuals, gender impact assessment guides) is listed. There is a section related to the FRAGEN part in the QUING project listing the archives or documentation centers specialized in gender equality policies on national level.

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