Quality of Gender+ Equality Policies in Europe (QUING)

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Quality of Gender+ Equality Policies in Europe (QUING)

The European Union is a multilayered, multicultural democracy claiming to be based on mutual respect for its diverse peoples and cultures, introducing goals that value diversity and inclusion while counteracting hierarchies, inequalities and exclusion. Yet, at the level of its member states, many examples of exclusion and polarization can be found, whether the focus is on ethnicity, religion or sexuality. Gender issues are constitutive of current polarizations. At the same time, gender equality policies, as the most developed policies against inequality, provide the best entrance to develop inclusive gender+ equality policies. Gender + equality policies refer to gender policies that incorporate attention for other inequalities where they intersect with gender inequality, so as to be adequate in Europe’s diverse and multicultural contexts.

QUING endeavors actively to bring together and construct the knowledge needed for such inclusive policies. It aims to conceptualize how attention for intersectionality, the cross-cutting of diverse forms of inequality, can be integrated in policies and how technocratic tendencies in this field can be counteracted. It also aims to assess the current content, quality and problems of gender equality policies and formulate recommendations and standards for gender training so that policy making fits gender equal citizenship in a multicultural Europe.

QUING is a 54-month long international research project funded within the European Commission’s 6th Framework Program. It aims to address issues of gender and citizenship in the European Union and to provide innovative knowledge for inclusive genderand equality policies in present (and future) EU member states. QUING involves twelve project partners across Europe.

QUING project bulletin

Equality and Social Justice
European Public Policy
Principal Researcher: 
Andrea Krizsan
Violetta Zentai
Tamás Dombos
Linda Szabó
Erika Kispeter
Raluca Popa
Project Administrator: 
Lilla Jakobs
Project Administrator: 
Borbala Varga
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Project status: 
Funding body: 
European Commission 6th Framework Program
Oct, 2006 - Mar, 2011
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