Inclusion and Exclusion in Europe: Migration, Work and Employment Perspectives

May 11, 2018

Olena Fedyuk, a CPS research affiliate, is one of the editors of the new book on migration and work perspectives published by the ECPR Press in April 2018.

Recent decades have seen the EU grappling with a major struggle between securitisation of its external borders and demand for exploitable and disposable cheap workforce in various sectors. In this process the EU has multiplied its borders by pushing them outwards and inwards.

The distinctions between migrants’ statuses of regularity and irregularity, legality and illegality, citizenship and non-citizenship in European migration policies has been continuously portrayed as a rigid black-and-white issue that effectively produces and sustains an analytical, political and practical divide that often obscures the commonalities in the workers’ dispossession and stays in the way of unified struggles for securing workers’ rights.

This collective volume aims to move beyond the perspective that situates migrants’ exclusion and inclusion solely in migration processes. It attempts to contextualise migration in the larger transformations of the local, national and transnational labour markets and relations that point to the ongoing processes of precarisation of working lives.

Looking at these processes of inclusion through exclusion at macro, micro and meso levels methodologically means that we not only seek to contextualise individual ethnographically documented experiences of immigrant labourers in the macro picture of challenges of up-to-date labour and migratory regimes, but to seek traces of new forms of collective responses and contestations emerging in these reconfiguring contexts.

Editors: Olena  Fedyuk and Paul Stewart
Contributors: Raia  Apostolova, Karima  Aziz, Ben  Egan, Chibuzo  Ejiogu, Martin  Lundsteen, Radoslaw  Polkowski, Irene  Sabate, Nina  Sahraoui, Jamie  Woodcock

Format: Hardback
ISBN: 9781786605399
Page Extent: 320 pp
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