When the public sector chooses a private partner: All about price?

September 14, 2018

The newest policy brief of the TROPICO ("Transforming into Open, Innovative, and Collaborative Governments") project, authored by Steven Van de Walle and Amandine Lerusse, has been published.

  1. Working with the private sector: who is a desirable partner?

The public sector collaborates with many private partners to deliver public services, either through contracting out or through some kind of public -private partnership. It can choose from a wide range of potential collaborators, ranging from small local organisations to large multinationnal service companies. It can also attach value to different characteristics of the private partner: how expensive it is, whether the private partner has a good track record, whether or not the partner is innovative and socially and environmentally conscious etc. The purpose of the third work package of the TROPICO project is to study which characteristics of private companies make them desirable collaboration partners for the public sector, and how much the public sector values these characterstics...

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