SpringerOpen: Politics of (Dis)Integration

October 21, 2019

A Springer Open access book has been published in the IMISCOE Research Series with contributions from our colleagues and friends from the INTEGRIM and ChangingEmployment doctoral training networks. Violetta Zentai, Celine Cantat, Tina Magazzini, all had a chapter in the volume edited by Sophie Hinger and Reinhard Schweitzer.

About the book

This open access book explores how contemporary integration policies and practices are not just about migrants and minority groups becoming part of society but often also reflect deliberate attempts to undermine their inclusion or participation. This affects individual lives as well as social cohesion. The book highlights the variety of ways in which integration and disintegration are related to, and often depend on each other. By analysing how (dis)integration works within a wide range of legal and institutional settings, this book contributes to the literature on integration by considering (dis)integration as a highly stratified process. Through featuring a fertile combination of comparative policy analyses and ethnographic research based on original material from six European and two non-European countries, this book will be a great resource for students, academics and policy makers in migration and integration studies.

More information and the ebook is available at the publisher's website.