Gender Equality in Research & Innovation: the journey towards Institutional Change

June 17, 2020

Gender Equality Academy announces its first FREE, self-paced online course on “Gender Equality in Research & Innovation: the journey towards Institutional Change” 

The Gender Equality Academy project team is glad to welcome you in its first Distributed Open Collaborative Course! This highly interactive online learning programme aims at condensing in an online format the best available knowledge and expertise on Gender Equality in Research and Innovation stemming from the GE Academy partners and an extended network of contributing nodes and projects from across Europe.

Who is it for?

  • Human resource officers
  • Researchers
  • Gender equality officers / focal persons; Equality / diversity officers
  • Middle managers aiming to start the path towards institutional change
  • Gender experts and trainers, organizational change consultants working with and for research organizations

Learning objectives

  • Identify the main issues and problems at stake as far as gender inequalities in research, higher education and innovation are concerned
  • Know about the main EU policy frameworks and priorities to promote gender equality in research and innovation
  • Use a multiplicity of arguments to engage and advocate on gender equality in research
  • Understand the institutional change concept and the steps to foster it by designing, implementing and monitoring Gender Equality Plans
  • Become aware of actions and measures which have been implemented by Research Organisations across Europe and beyond to promote gender equality
  • Know how to integrate gender in the content and methodological choices of scientific research across a variety of disciplines learning from researchers themselves presenting their research projects
  • Comprehend the concept of intersectionality and use it to promote inclusive institutional change and excellent research
  • Recognize the interlinkages between promoting gender equality in scientific research and broader innovation

Course features

  • Free-browsing course curriculum divided in 6 modules
  • Course moderation during 8 weeks (1° of June – 26° of July)
  • Quizzes and assignment to monitor you learning
  • Live webinars
  • Blog space and forum for peer-to-peer exchanges and networking
  • Live Q&A with experts
  • Certificate of attendance

Registration link

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