Podcast: London, the Glocturnal City, and its 'Other Workers' (E02)

August 13, 2018

This is the second podcast of the series launched recently by our colleague, Julius-Cezar MacQuarie, PhD graduate of our INTEGRIM network: 'NightWorkPod: A Podcast About Working the Night Shift'.

Please beware that this episode may contain disturbing content

In this second episode,  two professionals and long-term London residents, a public health practitioner and a fire fighter, share how night shift work impacts on their circadian rhythms, and the challenges that each face according to the nature of the job that they have preformed over the years.  Two important sectors of work, health and emergency services part of the fire fighting industry rely on professionals working the night shift through rotation.

Voice Over by Romanian artist Natalia Carata

Listen to Episode 2: London, the Glocturnal City, and its 'Other Workers' here.

EP3 teaser:
The series will end with episode 3 where Dr MacQuarie invites Marion Roberts, Emeritus Professor in Urban Design at the University of Westminster, whose specialist’s interests are the night-time city and gender related topics in Urban Design.