Podcast: Reflections from Researching Night Shift Workers in London

January 25, 2019

This is the 3rd and last episode of the documentary podcast series launched by our colleague, Julius-Cezar MacQuarie, PhD graduate of the INTEGRIM network: 'NightWorkPod: A Podcast About Working the Night Shift'.

MacQuarie presents the last piece with the following words:

"I close this series with the last episode called "Reflections from Researching the Nightshift". Here, I address the lessons learnt during my research on London's 'other workers' invested in the night shift.

An excerpt from the interview with our guest, Marion Roberts, Emeritus Professor in Urban Design at the University of Westminster offers insights into the problematics with night-time expansion in London. For the full interview go to @nightsparkslondon on SoundCloud. Some of her important work informed and shaped the Greater London Authority’s policy and vision of London as a 24-hour City - 24-hour London – and the subsequent publication, From Good Night to Great Night: A Vision For London asa 24-hour City. For full-text click http://bit.ly/LENTE_report2018

In making this series of podcasts about working the night shift I aimed to raise awareness of issues that need addressing in a 24/7 society relying on the workers trapped in its gig economy, at night. This podcast series follows my efforts to disseminate the findings to the academic community, via conferences, working papers, and journal articles. I also used documentary making tool to reach out to political actors, policymakers and stakeholders who have the power to improve the lives of night workers and the issues around isolation, health inequalities, fragmentation and lack of cooperation amongst night shift workers to unionise and demand their rights to decent work."

Listen to Episode 3: Reflections from Researching Night Shift Workers in London here.