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Nepszava Interview with Julia Szalai

April 9, 2021

An interview was published in Nepszava with Julia Szalai (available only in Hungarian) about her new book titled 'A nem polgárosuló középosztály'.


Népszava: Leszámolás egy illúzióval - Interjú Szalai Júlia szociológussal

Közoktatási papírvalóság

An article was published by Peter Rado - in Jelen which is the latest Hungarian independent weekly paper - about the new public education strategy in Hungary. The article is in Hungarian and available in full length without subscription here.

A romaellenesség a legfőbb oka a roma gyerekek iskolai lemaradásának Magyarországon

A short summary published by Agnes Kende on a joint research at the CEU/Center for Policy Studies with Peter Rado on the degree of inclusivity of the education system of five different countries: Hungary, Poland, Romania, Serbia and Slovakia and how these countries can manage the differences among children, with an emphasis on the issue of providing inclusive education for Roma children.

Blog: How to laugh away the far-right: lessons from Germany

By Michael Zeller
This article was originally published on OpenDemocracy here on July 30, 2020.

In the many instances where far-right activity attempts to exhibit solemnity, gravity, or strength, a well-aimed joke is a powerful act of resistance.